About Humanist weddings

A celebrant stands with a newly married couple outside Grays Court in York.

Image by Amy Faith

What is a Humanist wedding?

A Humanist wedding can be whatever you want it to be! We’re not bound by any set formula. Typically, couples choose elements from traditional and modern weddings – music, readings and vows. What makes a Humanist wedding really special is the emphasis on the personal; using words and music that matter to the couple and telling the couple’s unique love story. 

What do Humanists believe? What if I’m religious?

Humanists believe that everyone is capable of making good choices based on reason and evidence. We don’t get married because we have to; we get married because we have found the person we love and we’re excited to be standing in front of our friends and family, celebrating that love. 





A bride and groom exchange weddings rings in a wedding ceremony at Eden Barn, Cumbria.

Image by James Hicks

Room to be you…

No one is excluded from a Humanist ceremony. The content is usually of a non-religious nature, but we can add rituals from other traditions and make time for quiet contemplation too. Some people worry how religious family members may react, but my experience is that those people are usually pleasantly surprised by the personal and meaningful nature of a Humanist wedding! Often couples of different faiths will choose a Humanist wedding because it allows them to incorporate the things that are important to them both.



An outdoor wedding at Crayke, North Yorkshire, led by celebrant Rachael Bowers. Rows of guests sit outside at an autumn wedding.

Image by Peter Rollings

Crafting your ceremony together

Every couple is unique. I will work with you to help you create a wedding ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple. When you first get in touch we can meet up in person to discuss your ideas, or we can meet over Zoom if you are further afield. To secure your wedding date I will require a deposit. Then the fun bit starts! I can make suggestions on the structure of the ceremony, sharing readings, poems and music suggestions. If you want to write your own vows I can support you in that, or I can provide existing vows. I will also ask you both to tell me more about your relationship. This will help me to write your wedding address. 


I am quite flexible on timescales, and happy to respond to your needs. Some weddings are planned over a year or more and some just a few weeks! Between booking your wedding and the big day, I will keep in touch with you both, bouncing ideas and helping to guide you to your perfect wedding ceremony. In advance of your wedding you will receive a copy of the ceremony script to check.

This script will include vows, music, cues and the wedding address. This will give you peace of mind that everything will run smoothly on your wedding day. After your ceremony, I will provide a presentation copy of your script as a keepsake.