About Douglas Duckworth

Photo of Douglas

Hello I’m Doug, I’m a humanist celebrant based in Newark and I conduct ceremonies throughout the East Midlands.  I also spend time in the South of Italy where I know the culture very well and do humanist services too.

I’ve done lots of different jobs in my life including gravedigger, customs officer, accountant, actor and teacher of English and I’ve travelled widely in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  I’ve never believed in a god, it’s just not in me, but I don’t have a problem with people that do.

Photo of a burial site in central Borneo

Humankind has been commemorating the dead for thousands of years.

I love being a celebrant, because when the job is done well it improves the quality of people’s lives by allowing them to look back on a major life event with positive memories and a feeling that justice was done to the occasion. As a celebrant I see myself as a conduit for other people’s thoughts and feelings, offering ideas and suggestions only when they are needed. It is most definitely not my role to judge people or impose on them my taste, culture, philosophy or opinions.

If you’d like to have a chat then please ‘phone or email me.   I won’t put you under any pressure and I think I’m a good listener.