If you’re planning to get married – well, congratulations!  It’s a joyous time, but its easy to lose sight of this with the ever mounting list of jobs to be done and things to be paid for.  My role is to design and deliver your personal wedding or partnership ceremony, while allowing you to concentrate on those detailed touches that will make it really unique and special to you.  Here’s how it usually works:

  1. You get in touch by ‘phone or email and we meet up over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.
  2. You pay a deposit of £100 so I can block the time out in my diary.
  3. I prepare a draft service which we refine together by email and ‘phone.
  4. We meet up for a rehearsal a day or two before the ceremony.
  5. You have a great wedding and live happily ever after.
I was a guest of honour at a wedding in Sarawak, Borneo. When conducting ceremonies I usually wear shoes.

I was a guest of honour at this wedding in Borneo. When conducting ceremonies I usually wear shoes.

I take pleasure in designing services that are truly bespoke, drawing on my travels in Europe and Asia.  I am happy to work with both straight and gay couples on all kinds of services, including weddings, civil partnerships and renewals of vows.  Bear in mind that if you want your marriage or partnership to be legally recognised you will also have to see a Registrar, something I can advise you about at our initial meeting.

You don’t have to be humanists to have a humanist ceremony, but you do need to be comfortable with a service which is essentially non-religious in character.

I charge a standard fee of £500, although if an exceptional amount of travelling is involved, or more than one meeting or one rehearsal is needed, I may charge additional time and travel expenses, but these will always be agreed in advance.

Click here to see a video showing how humanist weddings work

“Thank you so so much Doug it was absolutely amazing, we loved it and the guests were so happy and loved it too !!!  You are a legend !!!”