About Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart“The ceremony was really warm, meaningful and personal, and yet totally unpretentious.”

I live in Cheltenham and conduct namings, weddings and funerals in and around Gloucestershire with occasional excursions further afield (including overseas weddings).

I first found out about humanist ceremonies when I joined the British Humanist Association in 2005. I loved the concept and immediately felt that becoming a celebrant was something I would find both rewarding and enjoyable. I was absolutely right and couldn’t be any happier in my work.

Whether its a large or small gathering, happy or sad, formal or more relaxed, my priority is to work with you to create a ceremony  for you. Each occasion has such a distinctive feel: tt’s not just that the words spoken and components included (e.g. readings, music, symbolic actions) but the way this reflects the people or person at the centre of it.

My writing style is typically quite straightforward so you’re unlikely to get flowery prose unless you specifically request it. Similarly, I appreciate the value of laughter and so for namings and weddings I’m a big believer in sprinkling some well-placed humour throughout the script.

My delivery style is, I hope, warm and inclusive. For weddings and namings, it’s a case of creating a reasonably relaxed atmosphere that nonetheless acknowledges the sincerity of the day. I’m always delighted when, after a wedding, guests say “that was absolutely them!” or, after a funeral, people say that they feel a little bit better because the person who died has been remembered with honesty and respect.

Hannah was just wonderful – she carried out a beautiful and funny service… perfect balance.  Everyone commented on how lovely and smiley she was!