You don’t have to be religious to want to mark your child’s birth in a meaningful way .

A Naming Ceremony is a great way to properly celebrate the arrival of your child in the world and to welcome him or her into the family and the wider community of friends who are going to be so important in your child’s life.

He, she or they might be months old or years old; no matter when and how your child entered your world, his or her arrival is a good reason to celebrate and that is exactly what a Naming Ceremony is – a celebration.

There are no ‘rules’ around Naming Ceremonies,  the only legal aspect of birth being the issue of the birth certificate.

How you choose to mark your child’s birth is your choice entirely. Many parents enjoy the opportunity to be quite creative in thinking how they want to celebrate this special day in their child’s life.

Within a humanist naming ceremony, you can express your feelings and your hopes for his or her future. Many want to make promises to their child that I include in your child’s Naming Certificate.

You can invite people to take on a special role in your  child’s life;  ‘Guide Parent‘ or ‘Mentor‘ perhaps – you can choose the exact title. People who are willing to provide a listening ear, support and guidance as your son or daughter grows up.

It’s also lovely to include other important people in the ceremony; an older brother or sister perhaps who would like to read or say something or perhaps a grandparent who would love to say a little about what it means to have a grandchild.

There are lots of ways to make additional ‘memories’ within the day – such as a ‘Wishes Tree’, upon which your guests record and hang a card expressing their thoughts about the day and wishes for your child’s future. I can imagine these records becoming more poignant over the years.

How long does it last?

It depends how much you want to include but most namings last around 25 minutes – which is long enough for most babies & young children!

And if your baby decides it’s time for a nappy change/feed/cry as we are due to start, it’s OK. As a mum, I understand babies aren’t the best of time keepers!

How does it work?

  • You contact me (by phone 01507 600064 or email ) for an initial chat.
  • I meet with you if possible, to discuss the naming. I will ask you questions, the answers to which, will help me draft a ceremony for your child.
  • I will send the draft to you, to read and approve or edit as you wish, prior to the day.
  • On the day, I arrive at your chosen location (typically a back garden or village hall) and conduct the Naming Ceremony, giving you a final copy and a Naming Certificate to keep.
  • My fee is around £250 payable by the day