Thank you so much Kate for our wonderful wedding ceremony. It was perfect!

Everyone commented on how very special it was – and how lovely you were as our celebrant.

We are so glad you were available to help us celebrate the biggest day of our life so far, as a couple”



The decision to marry is a very big one and couples choosing humanist ceremonies, do so, because they want to be able to celebrate their marriage in the way that feels right for them. 

Within a humanist, non religious wedding ceremony, you can be completely free to create, with my help, a bespoke ceremony, without the restrictions of any pre-set texts of any kind. Your wedding, your way, about you as two individuals, as a couple in love and your future in marriage.

You may have friends or family members, your own children, who would love to take part in some way; I’ve heard some amazing speeches, very moving poems and prose, as well as musical recitals within wedding ceremonies. Contributions like these, help create something  unique that you and others never forget.

In some marriage ceremonies, couples are required to repeat verbatim or choose from, a pre-selected choice of vows, but I think every couple should be free to decide for themselves, exactly what their vows to each other will be. I am very happy to share with you some of the many examples I have gathered over the years of vows and verses other couples have chosen. These can often provide a useful springboard to help you to come up with exactly the right words for you – which do not have to be the same as each other’s.  And they aren’t always deadly ‘serious’;”I promise to rub your calves when you come in after a gruelling cycle ride” was among a recent couple’s vows!

The important thing in my view is that your wedding ceremony feels like you !

You can be as creative as you like – or, if you prefer something more traditional, that’s equally fine.

My job is to get to know you and work with you to write the ceremony that feels ‘right’; a ceremony that reflects your characters and expresses your feelings about the day.

How does it all work?

Contact me by or phone call 01507 600064 or email to discuss your initial thoughts and to find out if I’m available.

We meet for a ‘getting to know each other’ chat. This is a chance for you to decide if I’m right for you as well as perhaps giving you new ideas to consider.

If you want me to be your celebrant, I ask for a deposit (20%)

Working with you, I produce an initial draft ceremony, in good time for you to read through and edit as you wish, a process that continues until it is ‘just right’.

Nearer to the day, we discuss the ‘logistics’ of the ceremony – who stands where – timings etc and if possible, walk through the ceremony in the chosen location.

On the day itself, I arrive in good time to meet your wedding guests prior to your ‘arrival’ for the ceremony itself.

The wedding ceremony takes place

I leave you with your own final copy of the ceremony, to keep as a memento.


  • To secure my services,  a deposit (around 20%)
  • Final balance to be paid by the week of the wedding
  • My fee is around £500
  • Contact: 01507 600064 /