Funerals and Memorials

I have been interested in the provision of suitable and meaningful funerals for many years and as result became an accredited funeral celebrant in 2005. Since that time I have had the privilege of helping to provide bereaved families with a way of saying goodbye to their loved one which is personalised and appropriate.

I meet the bereaved face-to-face except in the most exceptional circumstances and work with them to create a ceremony that is written specifically for them. The style and content of the ceremony will be in accordance with their wishes.

A humanist funeral ceremony is an inclusive occasion. While it does not have any religious content it is not anti-religious. There is often a time for reflection during which those with a religious belief have the opportunity to say a silent prayer. Many very devout believers have commented to me after a humanist funeral that they found it very moving and approved of the sentiments expressed.

The following is from the British Humanist Association website.

A Humanist, non-religious funeral or memorial ceremony will:

  • focus sincerely and affectionately on the person who has died
  • allow friends, relatives and acquaintances to express their feelings and to share their memories
  • have warmth and sincerity: many bereaved people find them helpful and are pleased to have provided a ceremony their loved ones would have wanted
  • celebrate the life of the person who has died by paying tribute to them, to the life they lived, the connections they made and left behind
  • be simply more appropriate for those who have not lived according to religious principles, or accepted religious views of life or death.

If you have any queries or would like to speak with me about humanist funerals, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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