Funeral Testimonials

Together with all the family, I would like to thank you for conducting D’s funeral service last Thursday.  He would have been delighted with your gentleness, dignity and seamless delivery of ‘his’ funeral that he spent so long in preparing.  Without exception, everyone spoke about the enduring feeling of love and family that was so important to him and you conveyed all his messages beautifully. Thank you again.” LS November 2023

“On behalf of my mother andme , thank you for the Celebration of Life words. That was so lovely. Also thanks again more making the ceremony so relevant to Barrie, and uplifting to those who attended.”

HT October 2023

“I just wanted to say a huge, heartfelt thenak you for the wonderful service you gave to celebrate my dear Dad’s life. The words were said with both empathy and understanding. More importantly to me it felt like you had truly known my Dad, which made the whole tribute much more meaningful. So, thank you again.” AR October 2023

“Thank you so much for all your patience, kindness and professionalism, guiding us through the very worst of times. We are so glad you were recommended to us for D’s service; you were a perfect fit! In the short period of time that you knew us as a family, you completely understood us and, more importantly, D and the person he was.” E,B & S G August 2023

“I just wanted to personally thank you for everything you did for my family on Saturday. It was a beautiful service and reflected F’s little life perfectly.” NS March 2023

“Thank you for the ceremony today. It was such a lovely send off, we could not have had a better person to be the celebrant for Doreen. It was also interesting to hear so many of the those attending, remarked how lovely it was, and was making them think of their future choices.” SJ March 2023

“I wanted to thank you for the service you delivered for mum last week.  The eulogy was really lovely, and lots of mum’s friends commented on how it was so nice to hear all the things mum did throughout her life. The whole family really appreciate your caring and professionalism, your words provided the comfort we needed.” JB March 2023

“I wanted to write to thank you so much for leading such a beautiful and heartfelt service for my beloved T. The service was just what he would have wanted, and your words were so comforting; I have read them over many times since.  Thank you for the time you spent with me, and also with P and G on the phone, to make sure it was perfect.  It would have meant a huge amount to him. Many of our friends have commented how lovely the service was as well. Thank you so much again.” A H February 2023

“Thank you for the beautiful and sensitive handling of the morning at Country Ways on Monday. It could not have been better.” PB January 2023

“I just wanted to take the time to say how grateful we were for evrything you did to support us when Nanny HP died. Fom our first meeting you made the process that much easier and on the day made what could have been a sad occasions feel like a celebration of her life. Your words were delivered with thought and care and your support through the readings was appreciated. We wish you all the best for the future – thank you once again for your kindness and compassion.” H W & family November 2022

“Thank you for helping to make my Dad, S’s funeral a special occasion.  Your words were a comfort and we are grateful for your gentle presence guiding us through a difficult, important and loving day for our family.” JB November 2022

“Thank you for the lovely service you gave for us yesterday. It was just the way we wanted it to be. Also for the kindness you showed to us on what was a difficult timetime. we have taken away good memories. I’m sure R would have been proud at the way our sons honoured him.”

JW November 2022

“I wanted to thank you for the lovely service you did for my husband P. It was perfect. I cannot thank you enough for all the time and care you took making sure the details were correct! It summed my husband up exactly how he was and it gave me and my family a chuckle when you read it! He would have loved it! Thank you for the wonderful keepsake you sent me after! and you even put his beloved regiment the Devon and Dorset regiment emblem on the front! Bless you Kevin, you helped make a sad day a better one; you gave everyone there who knew him a memory or two of his crazy, wacky sense of humour! So many people have asked me about you and, believe me, you got a lot of praise at the wake. Thank you again.”

PD & family November 2022

“On behalf of our family we wish to thank you for your professional services during this difficult time. Thank you for your kindness and compassion. With gratitude.”

HS & LM November 2022

“The family and I would like to thank you for guiding D’s celebration so Perfectly. S, our granddaughter, was delighted with your final Latin quote. I would like to add my personal thanks for all the kind help and guidance you gave me in putting it all together. I am sure you take Carpe diem to heart.”

D & family October 2022

“We wanted to extend our thanks for the wonderful way you conducted Dad’s service. Your delivery of Dad’s service, the eulogy, your compassion along with our thoughts and memories was perfect. Many commented on what a lovely service it was and how wonderful you are. We couldn’t have had a better send-off for our Dad. A great send-off!”

JS & TM October 2022

“Thank you for giving my G such a wonderful goodbye. I could not have asked for more. You did him proud, on his birthday too. After 65 happy years together, to listen to how you told everybody about him was wonderful, and you have such a special way of telling us. My girls were so proud of their Dad. We’ve enjoyed all those years. Thank you for everything. I know you would have been just his ‘cup of tea’. Thank you. So, now I start another chapter in my life but with his memory I know I will get through. Everybody said how good the service was . Thank you.”

JW October 2022

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your contributions/ guidance at the ceremony. We all felt that your role was really well done and just as Mum would have wanted. The tone of the service was great and we felt we wouldn’t change a thing. Dad wanted me to say that he felt you made it all run really smoothly and it was a great help for you to read for him.”

FM October 2022

“Just a few words to thank for for the service yesterday for G, everybody remarked on your delivery of G’s life and they said what a privilege it was to be there and listen to you.”

NH September 2022

“Kevin, just a thank you for today – many positive comments about the uplifting service. The way a life should be celebrated. Greatly appreciated.”

W & SL September 2022

“Many thanks once again for the service yesterday. Thank you so much. The preparation, service and time to reflect afterwards play such an important role.”

MA  September 2022

“Thank you so much for taking D’s funeral service. We all thought it was beautifully done. I liked the addition of the Okehampton poem. Thank you. I also appreciate the folder you gave me with the service in. I was very touched by the photo of Dartmoor on the front.”

JW August 2022

“We would like to offer our thanks for all your help and assistance to enable us all to thank and celebrate the Life of my Darling Wife C.”

P,J & KH August 2022

JW June 2022

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the lovely service you gave.
It was perfect. Everybody said how well it all went.
JW December 2021

“Kevin was so wonderful through the whole service and we couldn’t imagine anyone better to have carried out the service for dad. When the person reading the eulogy was unable to continue, he picked up and read it for them seamlessly, we couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you so much for everything, Kevin” LG November 2021

“Thank you for conducting the celebration of Mum’s life. You took everything on board that we said about Mum and made it into a lovely service which many of our family and friends commented on. Such a fitting way to say goodbye to our Mum. Thank you.” A,S & T October 2021

“Thank you for your kindness and tolerance during the preparations for M’s funeral. Your calm presence was much appreciated. Thank you so much.” EW July 2021

“I am writing to thank you, again, for conducting Dad’s service at the crematorium with such empathy and compassion. Everyone in attendance commented on how well everything was organised and the family appreciated the ‘celebration’ folder which you gave us, containing your script. I would like to feel that Dad would be pleased that we carried out his wishes. Thank you again for all your help.” C&R W April 2021

“Thank you so much for your help and input in relation to my mother’s funeral. One often hears the phrase “it went as well as could be expected.” I thought it went even better than anticipated and almost feel a pang of guilt for having enjoyed the service so much. I know my father was delighted and found the experience cathartic and very apt given I’s character.” CW March 2021

“I write to say a huge thank you for your kind input with my Mum’s funeral. You probably gathered that she was a great character and will be sorely missed. My son summed up the ceremony: ‘It’s a shame that Nana missed it, she’d have loved it’ and she would have.” LH March 2021

“This letter is to offer the thanks of my family for the excellent service that you led on 17th December. The delicacy, warmth and good humour with which you led the celebration of my father’s life touched me and S’s family deeply. Many of those who attended requested a copy of your script which I have sent them – so they can remember and rediscover my Dad with the help of your words.” TP December 2020

“I write to thank you, on behalf of my family, for all the care you took over the recent funeral service for my late Dad, LT. In what had been a difficult year, we appreciated your support in arranging what turned out ot be a lovely, personal service. We all felt the service was very apt. The poem you suggested could have been written especially for my Dad!” LW November 2020

“Thank you for delivering Dad’s funeral service last Friday. You spoke in such a thoughtful and respectful manner, which made for a lovely, heartwarming tribute to him. I love that you included a little humour. Thank you so much for all your hard work. ” J&J November 2020

“Thank you very much for conducting  Mum’s funeral service on Tuesday. We all felt that it was the perfect tribute to Mum and was a lovely send-off for her – I think she would have been proud! We particularly liked your words. I will definitely recommend your services wherever appropriate. My sons were also very impressed by the humanist approach which I think they will incorporate into their lives with weddings, babies etc. as they arrive in the future! Thank you, once again.” DC November 2020

“Thank you so much for your help & patience & all your hard work. B would have been very comfortable with the proceedings.” JF September 2020

“Thank you for today Kevin, you did a wonderful job again. It’s so much appreciated when someone can steer us through emotional waters.” ZF September 2020

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you for conducting the service for C on Friday. It meant a huge amount to me and I know C would have been delighted. All the family commended the words that you spoke, and I personally was so pleased that you were the one able to be there on the day. So, many thanks once again.” EM September 2020

“Thank you for helping us to celebrate P’s life and say our goodbyes. I’m very grateful for your patient , careful and sensitive understanding through the chaos of our loss.” TW August 2020

“Thank you so much for such a beautiful service. You captured M totally. I can never thank you enough.” SE August 2020

“I’d just like to pass on our thanks for all your help with Mum’s send off yesterday. If the sun had shone, it would have been perfect! Thanks again for all that you do at these sad times. It feels very reassuring to have such professionals in charge of the formalities. Thank you.” NCJ July 2020

“I would just like to say a personal thank you to you for all you have done for us as a family. Your service was so special and you made us so comfortable. You are an amazing man and thank you from the bottom of my heart.” JR April 2020

“I just wanted to thank you so much for doing such a good job for us. I really appreciate your understanding of our difficult situation and managing to deliver the service so sensitively. I mentioned to you that my mum had decided to watch the webcast. She liked the service and thought you did an excellent job. H contacted me and said she thought the service reflected the way he loved his grandchildren. So thank you for achieving something that I didn’t think was going to be possible.”

SG April 2020

“Thank you for the way in which you steered us through the preparations for my dear wife P’s funeral service and subsequent burial and, even more, for the contribution you made to the day itself. It was a sad day for all of us, of course, but one that was attended with great beauty at every stage. In addition to your sensitive and telling initial summary of P’s being, if I might point to two or three things for particular mention, they would include your readings from Herbert Rerad, the poem by Bob Reeves you shared with us at the graveside and the half dozen lines you uttered at the graveside…… We believe P would have been more than happy with the way her life was celebrated and with the place where she would lie: in peace and with beauty all around. Thank you, Kevin, for all you did. It touched every one of us deeply.” JG February 2020

“My brother’s funeral was some time ago. He died tragically and suddenly. To say Kevin’s support, attentiveness, compassion, insight and overall delivery were exceptional would be an understatement. I asked him for the transcript as the words he spoke at the service were akin to psychotherapy. It was like a counselling session whilst celebrating everything about my brother we wanted to remember. I still read through it to this day. Kevin thank you and sorry for the several years in writing the review!”

(From client feedback received Feruary 2020, relating to a funeral held in February 2014. A reminder of the lasting importance to families of a thoughtful, personalised ceremony) MB

“Just wanted to say thank you again for officiating at Dad’s funeral yesterday – the whole service went really well, despite my blubbering, and most importantly Mum really enjoyed it and felt it celebrated Dad, as she so wanted.” M C February 2020

“Thank you for a lovely service today.” S C January 2020

“Thank you for making an extremely difficult day for our family a beautiful and memorable event. You handled the service beautifully, striking the right note between celebrating and mourning and I will be forever grateful.” R R November 2019

“Thank you for all your input on dad’s farewell ceremony last Thursday. Lots of people commented on how lovely it was to hear about my dad’s life. They also thought it was very dignified and they felt that dad would have been pleased with how it went .Considering there was not much time to pull it together, we felt you did a fantastic job.” A R November 2019

“I would like to thank you for the beautiful service you prepared and gave for D T which was very well received by all the family and friends.  This is the second time you have done our family proud and we are sincerely grateful.” S C August 2019

“We are so happy with how it all went today. Thank you so much for the lovely words about Mum and our family. Several people commented today on what a lovely job you did.” K B July 2019

“I just wanted you to know that so many people have directly and indirectly told me what a wonderful service it was for M. For many people it was their first humanist service and they said they wanted that as well now! Everybody thought it captured M perfectly, and even if they did not know him that well, they did so after the service. My family and I were so pleased, if ever a funeral can be a good memory, this one was it. So many many thanks again, you really gave M the best send off possible.” K S July 2019

“I wanted to email to say thank you, firstly for your advice and guidance regarding M’s ceremony but more importantly for doing an incredible job. I was so impressed with the tone and style of the ceremony and how you captured so much of M. I have heard so many positive and similar reflections of the way that the ceremony was pulled together and conducted that I felt compelled to share this. The way you celebrated and captured M was so well received by everyone who has spoken to me. What an amazing job.” MR  July 2019

“Thank you so much for everything you did yesterday to make sure the celebration of B’s life was so authentic and meaningful. The service was everything we had hoped it would be and we are extremely grateful to you. Many people had not been to a humanist celebration before and commented what a lovely alternative it is. I totally agree with them, thank you.” D M June 2019

” Many thanks for such an inspiring service for the sad passing of V. It was a difficult day for us all and you added that special something that was needed. The poem will stay in my heart forever as it says exactly my feelings on the subject.” RM February 2019

“Thank you very much for the service for my Mum you conducted yesterday at Barnstaple Crematorium. Everyone whom I spoke to afterwards commented on how lovely it was. You managed to capture the very essence of Mum with well chosen words. Once again thank you very much.” JP January 2019


“I would just like to email you to say thank you so much for all your hard work and for such a beautiful ceremony for my late Nan.” SS January 2019

“Thank you for leading the service for Dad last Monday. It was a very special family good bye for us and we really appreciated your words and support for us to remember and celebrate Dad’s life.” DF November 2018

“Kevin was very kind and thoughtful, taking care to include my late husband’s sister, who could not attend, by asking her to write a piece about early memories. This was read out at the funeral. He also got me talking about G in such a way that, at the funeral, it sounded almost as though Kevin had known him. Very professional, but done in such a way that I felt I was talking to a friend.”

(From client feedback form – August 2018)

“I would like to thank you for your services at my father’s recent funeral service. My family and I thought you were excellent in celebrating his life, rather than mourning his death! I have been a funeral director in London for thirty years and rarely do I now see such attention to detail, courtesy and respect, as shown by yourself. Many people commented on how refreshing a non-religious service actually is! The whole funeral was conducted in the manner that originally attracted me to this profession many years ago.” DM June 2018

“I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my family, for my dad, P’s service last week. I have been to funerals in the past where it feels like the officiant could be talking about anyone, and feels very impersonal. With what you put together, it felt like you could have known dad and we all felt that your words and manner were exactly right for him, which made such a difference to the service.” EW June 2018

“We wanted to thank you for everything you did to make Mum’s funeral really special for us the family and all her friends. I think Mum would have been very pleased indeed. Your approach, empathy and delivery of the celebration of her life was excellent, your skill in extracting information from M, myself, D and D was quite remarkable, very good questions that encouraged and triggered many more memories. We have had many kind words from all that attended and with most commenting on how nice and poignant the celebration service was and how well you spoke of Mum and her life. Thank you most sincerely for what you did for us.” GG April 2018

“We would like to thank you for the lovely service you provided for B H. You really managed to capture the essence of B in your words. Many Thanks again.” BH December 2017

“I felt the neeed to write to you again for the service you conducted for my mother. It was truly perfect and what my Mum would have wished for, a celebration as opposed to a mourning. My siblings and I  cannot thank you enough… Your uplifting service left me smiling and inspired, not bereft and sobbing. so thank you.” L C November 2017

“Thank you for your guiding us through my mother’s funeral. You have a way of humanising things (very appropriate!) and it seemed as if you knew her. As last time, the people who came to the funeral all said how lovely it was to go to a more uplifting and happy ( not sure if that’s the right word)  goodbye service. So now we’ve gone full circle with you and I’d like to thank you .” DW November 2017

“Kevin was the perfect choice for the funeral ceremony of my partner. He was so very helpful beforehand, giving advice and guidance and very professional on the day. Kevin performed a perfect ceremony for a very sad day and he made it that much easier for us all.”

(From client feedback form – June 2017)

“Kevin was excellent and the ceremony was exactly what Mum would have wanted. He was kind and extremely professional. I would highly recommend him.”

(From client feedback form – Feb 2017)

“I wanted to write to thank you properly for acting as our celebrant on Tuesday.  We were all very pleased with the service and it was perfect for mum.  I know that is what she would have wanted.  I also had several friends and relatives remark on how perfect it was afterwards. You were very kind and also very professional at a very difficult time for all of us and it was very reassuring to have someone lead us through such a sad time. Thank you again for everything that you did.” MG February 2017

“Thank you so much for officiating at P’s funeral. It was all she would have wished: dignified and simple. Such occasions are always sad but it was a fitting ‘adieu’ for which I am very grateful and to which you contributed enormously.” AN February 2017

“Just wanted to thank you VERY MUCH for the service on Friday.  Father had the service he wanted and l thought you read it very well. You made it a service that everyone will remember. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.” CM February 2017

“Thank you for the lovely service you gave for my Dad. Many of our family and friends commented how lovely it was and how they would like the same when their time comes. Will keep your details handy!” SG February 2017

“Thank you very much indeed for the kind and sympathetic way in which you conducted my mother, BT’s, funeral. From the first you showed a complete understanding of the way in which my family wanted the service to be conducted. More importantly, however, you were able to express our feelings about my mother and her character beautifully. We have now managed to read through your Presenation Pack which is a lovely memento of the service you conducted.” LW

“I’d like to thank you for everything that you did to make J’s ceremony exactly what he had wanted it to be. Many people have said how meaningful it was and I appreciate the part played by yourself in making it so. Thank you also for the copy of your script.” LH

“We just wanted to thank you again for making S’s send off perfect and everything he would have wanted. Your words were spot on!” The P family

“Thank you for the funeral ceremony, in celebration of my beloved husband’s life. It was moving and meaningful, and so many of our friends that were present commented that you had captured the ‘essence’ of D and that you spoke of him as if you’d truly known him. Again one huge thyank you.” M S

“Thank you so much for the way you conducted P’s ceremony. I felt everything was pitched exactly right and many people said to me afterwards what a perfect occasion it was – moving and personal. I also appreciated you coming to see me and dealing with everything very sensitively.” A D

“It was a beautiful afternoon and we are so grateful for your part in it. Many people assumed you were a family friend who knew N which just goes to show how well you summed up his life. We will always be very thankful for finding just the right person to help us celebrate his life.
Your words have also been a big comfort to me (and many others I’m sure). Reminding us that to keep on living our lives is a mark of respect not neglect is something I will try to follow every day.” K

“Our heartfelt thanks to you for providing us with a very moving and enjoyable ceremony for D. As you know we wanted this to be as happy a funeral as you can achieve in the circumstances and I believe it worked. So many people have told us how much they enjoyed it, and it was the ‘best’ funeral they had ever attended. I feel it allowed people to remember my jovial father with the happiness he projected. Others told us it was exactly what they would want and that you were superb, combining the joy of Dad’s life with dignity in death.”  J M

“Thank you so much for making the celebration of Mum and Dad’s lives just as we wanted. The synopsis of their lives was well presented with the humorous anecdotes giving us all a lift. The poems you selected were just perfectly poignant and a balance to their personal story. Everyone who attended last Friday commented upon how your words helped them to focus on happy memories. We have a lot to come to terms with and thank you again for the part you played in starting us on that journey.” L D

“Thank you so much for all your help and kindness to me. Thank you for the lovely service and perfect choice of music. You made it the best it could be. Everyone I met said what a wonderful service and spoke very highly of you. Thank you again for everything.” A D

“Thank you very much for the kind and sensitive handling of M’s funeral and your kind words. It would have been just as he would have wanted, and it meant a lot to us as a family.” M C

“A big thank you for yesterday. You really exceeded all our expectations. Without exception, every one of the people attending that we spoke to were extremely positive and complimentary about you and the ceremony.” M R

“On behalf of the family I’d like to thank you for conducting N’s funeral service in such an excellent way yesterday. It was just the sort of service N would have wished for and everyone who attended thought it was meaningful and moving. We all appreciated the part you played.” H S

“Thank you for guiding us through the difficult time after J’s death and for the help in planning the funeral celebration of his life with such compassion. We are all extremely thankful you were able to do this service for him and a number of the mourners came to me echoing these comments that it was exactly right for J. We all agreed it had been a most moving experience.” N G

“What a wonderful goodbye to my dear D. Everyone I spoke to after the service said exactly the same. I thank you so very much.” M H

“Very many thanks for all you did, your advice, kindness and understanding helping me with D’s funeral. You spoke with great dignity and sensitivity. My family and friends also convey their thanks.” M S

“Thank you so much for J’s ceremony. What you said summed up all our feelings and emotions and made us feel that we had done everything we could to say goodbye to him as best we could.” D S

“I’d like to thank you for the very carefully prepared and the calm and sincere way you held the service together at D’s funeral. Everyone who was there agrees with me that he would have been delighted at his send-off.” J B

“We would like to thank you very much for the poignant yet beautiful service you delivered for our daughter T’s funeral. All who attended said what a ‘lovely’ service it was. Hopefully it has helped us to start to come to terms with our sad loss.” P T

“I would just like to express my sincere thanks for the way you conducted the service for my son M. When I first read through your proposed notes, I felt it said so much about M and it made me really think that you must have known him, although I know this was not the case. The trouble taken, therefore, to get the essence of him was so much appreciated by all his family… Your celebration of M’s life struck the right note and we all felt it was truly a good way to say goodbye.” K F

“Thank you so much for the beautiful service you conducted. we really are most grateful to you for all the kindness and patience shown to us. So many people have commented on what a beautiful service it was and I feel sure it was exactly what he would have wanted.” P S

“Thank you so much for Dad’s wonderful ceremony yesterday. You really captured Dad’s essence and it was a very special tribute to a man we loved.” D R

“We thought that your ceremony for P was just superb. He would have been chuffed to bits with the personal nature of the whole thing and it highlighted just what a wonderful and popular man he was. A very big thank you to you. we have decided that when our time comes it will be the thing for us.” R & H F

“We are most grateful to you for such a sensitive and well balanced eulogy for L. Many of those attending saw fit to comment on how much they took comfort from your words.” P G

“I just wanted to say thank-you on behalf of the family for the funeral you designed for M H on 6th February. It was very special and we felt it was a wonderful celebration and reflection of Mum’s life. Thank you.” B K

“Thank you for the lovely service you put together for my mother, E A. My mother was a person of simple tastes and very hardworking and the service did her justice.” G G