How to Plan Your Own Funeral


As an experienced Celebrant, I am always happy to answer questions that you may have about humanist funerals, whether just from curiosity or that you are looking to put plans in place.  People often come and chat to me at the end of ceremonies I’ve delivered and although I am always happy to answer their questions, there is sometimes more to still talk about…

** During the Coronavirus outbreak, it may be appropriate for your safety for us to begin working together remotely.  I will happily offer you my direct support by phone, email, Skype or FaceTime as we put plans in place.**


There are many reasons why you may decide to get directly involved in the planning of your own funeral.  This may simply be about making sure that your wishes are followed or it could be a way of coming to terms with a terminal diagnosis.  I am always happy to support you and your loved ones with whatever feels right for you.  This could be anything from a chat on the phone, to setting the content of a ceremony or even drafting a whole script.

“Many thanks for the draft of the service, which is just so lovely, and yes, it did make us both cry.  We were both so touched by the beautiful story that you have told and that you have fully understood just how wonderful our relationship has been and just how much our families and friends mean to us both.”

In my ten years as a Celebrant, I have worked with many people to put plans in place for their funeral.  People often tell me that it provides a sense of relief and is one more thing ‘dealt with’ for their family.  For me as a Celebrant, it is an immense privilege to have these conversations and there is something very special about having met the person whose story I’ll be sharing in a future ceremony. For those I’ve met with, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from them, their family and friends.

“Once again, thank you so much for all your help and hard work in this matter Louise.  Together with your whole approach and way of working, it has been greatly appreciated.”

Your sincere and sympathetic approach was hugely comforting and had [his] philosophy at the heart of it all.  It will help us in our lives moving forward.”

If planning ahead is an option that you might like to explore, or you just have a question, I’m very happy to talk with you: 07966 509207 (Louise’s mobile) / (Louise’s email)