What humanism means to me


I spend my free time, walking, cycling, exploring, reading and travelling.  My view is one where our understanding of the world is underpinned by discovery.  To me, we should all treat others as we would like to be treated and aim to leave the world just that little bit better than we found it.

A humanist funeral ceremony is a meaningful and dignified occasion through which to remember someone you have loved; who, what and where mattered most.  We celebrate achievements (both great and small) and the influence that each person has had on those around them and will continue to have.

“Dear Louise, it is impossible to say how grateful I am that we found you to help us with [my son’s] ceremony.  You were the right person in so many ways.  Your kindness, calmness and respect for [my son] and his personal memory to us all made the day bearable and wonderful.  I was dreading the funeral so much but it was beautiful.  Talking to you made me feel calmer and less desperate.  Today is a very hard day but the funeral made me feel proud of [my son] and very pleased we did him proud in celebrating his life with those that loved him.”

My work as a Celebrant allows me to bring something positive to a family at a very difficult time.  It is an incredibly privileged role and one which, I am passionate about getting right.