Vow Renewals

Want to do it all again?

Contact me if you might be interested in a vow renewal ceremony.

Why might we want to renew our vows? Here are a few reasons…

  • Our lives are so short and we are so busy…with work, with raising children, maintaining a home for example, that it’s nice after years together to stop and take stock
  • It’s a chance to include a more formal declaration of continuing appreciation of each other
  • It provides a meaningful focal point in an anniversary party
  • Where there has been a rocky patch, a smaller ceremony might offer a chance for a sincere refocus in front of supportive friends and family
  • It allows one half of the partnership to propose again!
  • Perhaps our social circle has changed and we wish to share something significant with people who could not be at our wedding
  • It allows us to make updated promises relevant to our current situation
  • It’s a chance for our grown-up children to see us as a couple rather than just “the parents”
  • We will be adding to our precious store of memories.

As with humanist weddings, you would have total control over venue and ceremony length and we would work hard to craft the words of your vows to express your reflections on your life together so far and your hopes for the future.

You can have a very small family gathering in your own home for example, if a quieter tone seems appropriate or, if the ceremony is to be included in a more lively party atmosphere, many more light-hearted aspects can be included.Fees typically range between £250 and £500 , depending on location and ceremony length.

This Americana themed vow renewal ceremony was great fun! Or maybe you would prefer a much more intimate setting…