Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies


The death of someone we love is one of the hardest things we ever have to cope with. It is natural to mourn the death of someone close. In a humanist funeral there is ample opportunity not just to say goodbye but to remember that person and to celebrate the richness of their life.

A humanist funeral ceremony is non religious and will usually include personal tributes, favourite poems or readings and music. This personal approach contributes to  a respectful and meaningful celebration of that life.

Funeral directors will be able to provide names of humanist celebrants in the area. Details of all Humanist UK accredited celebrants are on their website.


A funeral ceremony is often held at the crematorium chapel where time and space are often limited.  Some families choose a small private funeral and then a larger memorial celebration in a less formal venue such as a hotel or hall.  

At a memorial celebration people can gather to remember the person and celebrate their life in more relaxed surroundings. A memorial ceremony can include people who were unable to attend the funeral, and people who may need time to compose their tributes and gather together their memories of the person.

A memorial ceremony is not just for public figures. It gives more time for personal tributes, to exchange memories and the opportunity to enjoy meeting other people who are linked to the person who has died.

The venue may be somewhere the deceased person knew well, like the local restaurant or pub, or a choice of a function room which may be distant from the crematorium. It will provide a more informal setting to remember the person who has died.

  • There are no rules about humanist funeral ceremonies only that they are non-religious.
  • They can be as individual as the person who has died.
  • Please don’t hesitate to telephone or email me to discuss possibilities.
  • My fees start at £220 for a funeral ceremony in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire or Bristol.