Naming and Welcoming ceremonies


Naming  and welcoming ceremonies can be created for children of any age. Often they are combined with a first birthday party. I have created ceremonies to welcome adopted children,  and “double” and “triple” celebrations for siblings.


Naming ceremonies can be conducted anywhere!

Private homes and gardens or public parks are popular giving opportunities for picnics, barbecues and bouncy castles. Function rooms in hotels, pubs, restaurants and halls can be personalised. Gloucester Rugby Club, the sculpture park at Nature in Art and a farm park have all provided memorable and photo-friendly settings.


Ceremonies can be held at any time of the year. While many ceremonies are held in the summer, people sometimes choose times when families are already together such as Christmas. Even in winter a short ceremony can be celebrated outdoors, perhaps with candles.


Parents make their promises to the child.

If there are to be Guideparents/Oddparents!/Guardians they make their commitments, either individually or in a group.

You can include readings of poems or prose or playing of some music by friends or family members. Think about who you can call on to contribute particular skills to provide a personal and memorable ceremony.

Symbolic actions such as lighting a candle, blowing bubbles, balloons, or giving flowers or planting a shrub can be included. This gives other children an opportunity to be involved.

Guests may write messages for the child in a memory book or box or perhaps make finger prints on a memory tree.

There are no rules – if you have something to celebrate with your child, or children, we can work together to compose a ceremony to celebrate the child’s personality and suit the occasion.


My fee for a naming/welcoming ceremony in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire or Bristol is £250. Further afield the fee is from £260.

The fee includes an initial meeting, my travelling costs and ongoing advice and support while we create the ceremony.

A deposit of  £100 will book the day. The balance of the fee is payable a week before the ceremony day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your particular circumstances and ideas for the ceremony.