Funerals come in all shapes and forms, there is no right or wrong way and I can support you in developing the funeral that you feel is most appropriate for your loved one.

I usually work in the following way:  an initial visit to you in your home to find out about the person who has died, and to hear your memories and stories of their life. If possible it’s helpful to see some photographs too. We will also discuss readings, poetry, tributes of your own (if appropriate) and music. The visit generally lasts between one and two hours and by the end of it we have usually worked out an ‘order of service’. A few days later I will provide you with a draft of the funeral ceremony, including the tribute.

On the day I will lead the ceremony using the funeral script we have agreed and introduce and support anyone who wishes to read or give a tribute. After the ceremony I will provide you with a presentation copy of the script which you can copy for anyone who was not able to attend, or send you an electronic copy if you prefer.

Please feel free to call me for a chat, you can contact me me on 07912361194 or if you prefer email me at or ask your funeral director to contact me.