About Stephanie

I’m Stephanie Kendrick, I’ve lived in South West London for about ten years and I’m a public sector communications manager by background.

Steph and her husband on their wedding day

Me and my partner exchanging vows at our Humanist wedding

I became an accredited Humanist celebrant after attending a friend’s Humanist wedding ceremony.  It was so personal and true to them, it immediately made me want to create that same atmosphere and feeling for others.  Humanism for me is all about expressing who we are in a way that makes most sense to us and sharing and celebrating the values that makes us all human.

I had a Humanist wedding myself; I’m so glad I was able to have a ceremony that represented my partner and me so well.

Five years later on, I still love getting to know people, hearing their stories and finding out what makes them, them.  The best thing I can hear after a ceremony is how much it reflected the couple or family at the heart of it.

When I’m not at work or conducting ceremonies you can usually find me at my local theatre group acting, getting stuck in the technical parts of a show, or directing.  Directing experience has come in very handy over the years of managing ceremonies!