About Avril Lucas

When someone experiences the death of a loved one, planning the funeral can be incredibly hard. I would like to offer my help to you and your family to deliver a personal funeral ceremony which celebrates the life of your loved one.

As a Funeral Celebrant trained and accredited by Humanists UK, I offer non-religious ceremonies which are deeply personal and shaped by those involved. I am here to listen, guide and help create a ceremony which pays tribute to the person who has died and is special for you. Using memories and stories shared with me, I paint a picture of the person you remember, weaving music and readings into the ceremony.

I work closely with others who are involved in the funeral, the Funeral Director and staff at the crematorium or burial site. On the day of the funeral, I welcome you and other mourners and lead the unique, personal ceremony for your loved one.

After I have completed my role as the Funeral Celebrant it is always lovely to receive a comment from a family:

“Can’t praise Avril enough! She really helped us through, and the service was very personal and uplifting.”

Please click on the Funerals and Memorials tab at the top of this page, to find out more about how I can help to plan and create the unique funeral ceremony for your loved one.  It would be an honour to help you. You will be in safe hands.


Planning a Funeral or Memorial Before a Death

Although a sensitive subject, it is becoming more popular for people to think about planning a funeral or memorial in advance of their own death. Sharing your thoughts about your own funeral or memorial ceremony can be a great help and comfort, not just to you but to someone close to you who also can be involved. The discussions do not have to be morbid. Talking about your life, recalling personal stories or choosing your favourite music, can prompt happy memories and anecdotes that are family favourites!

I help plan the ceremony for a future funeral or memorial by talking through the various topics which need to be considered. Some people only want a framework for the ceremony and others ask me to write a full ceremony, including their life-story.

It can be very satisfying to know your wishes for your funeral are known and your family and close friends will have less to worry about when that sad day occurs.


About Me

I have long believed I have only this one life. I want to make a positive difference in this world, respecting that each person is different, with their own beliefs, views and experiences.

At my father’s funeral I made a life-changing decision. Impressed by the professionalism and empathy shown by the Humanist UK Celebrant, I realised I wanted to become a Funeral Celebrant and put something back into society. I stopped working in the commercial sector and found a job with a charity, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. With my husband, I continue to volunteer for Guide Dogs boarding guide dogs when their owners go on holiday.

In my life’s journey I am fortunate to have discovered that being a Funeral Celebrant is my vocation. I feel privileged when families ask me to help them at such a difficult time. Every person has a life that has made a difference. It is humbling to listen as a family shares their personal memories of their loved one. Creating a celebration of a person’s life is something I cherish dearly.


My Celebrant Services

I live on the Isle of Wight and offer my services to anyone wanting a non-religious funeral ceremony or memorial, either now or planned for the future. My charges will vary, depending on what service you are looking for.

Please contact me by telephone or email if you or someone you know has any questions. It would be a privilege to help and guide you through a tough time in your life.  Details can be found at the side of this page.


Humanists UK Celebrant Services

Humanists UK has many years’ experience of training celebrants to conduct funerals, wedding and naming ceremonies. Within the national network of accredited Humanists UK celebrants, we offer a reliable and professional service. At a local level we support our colleagues and provide essential back-up for ceremonies.