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Avril Lucas

It can be very difficult dealing with everything that needs to be done immediately after a loved one has died. Many decisions need to be made, often without much guidance or knowledge of what needs to be done. Choosing someone to help create that special funeral ceremony to remember a loved one, is a very important decision. It can be made in haste, without knowing what options there are.

As a Humanists UK accredited funeral celebrant, I offer an alternative to traditional, formal funerals. The non-religious ceremonies I conduct are deeply personal and shaped by those who want to be involved. My aim is to make the ceremony memorable, a celebration of the life of a loved one in an atmosphere supportive to all who are grieving.

I have long believed that I have only this one life. It is important to me to live a good life, to respect that each person is different, having their own personal views and experiences. As a funeral celebrant I hear many life stories about loved ones who cannot tell their own tale any more. I help create and conduct the personal ceremony, painting a picture of the person using memories, music and readings. My personal life journey has brought me to take on this very special role, which is a privilege and one I value.

Humanists UK has many years’ experience of training celebrants to conduct funeral, wedding and naming ceremonies.  I received excellent training from Humanists UK which enabled me to build on my work and life experiences to become an accredited funeral celebrant. As a member of a large network of other accredited Humanists UK celebrants, we offer a reliable and professional service. At a local level we help each other and provide essential back-up for every ceremony.

I am based in Chandler’s Ford, near Southampton, Hampshire and am willing to travel across the southern counties. If I can help you, or someone you know, you are welcome to contact me by telephone or email.


“Life and death are but phases of the same thing, the reverse and obverse of the same coin. Death is as necessary for man’s growth as life itself.”  Mahatma Gandhi