A naming ceremony is a personal, non-religious celebration of your child
and a very touching way to welcome a new addition to the family.

Why have a naming ceremony?
A humanist naming is suitable for all babies and children. It is a way of announcing and celebrating your child’s arrival in a way that is joyful and informal, yet still ceremonial. Parents can make personal statements and appoint ‘guide-parents’ instead of god parents. Family and friends can be involved and you can have readings, music, entertainment or perhaps a symbolic gesture.

What kind of ceremony can I have?
A humanist naming can take place in almost any location, daytime or evening, indoors or outdoors, and can be dignified and formal or relaxed and fun. It can be as short or as long as you like. It can end with a toast or cake-cutting, or something symbolic like the release of balloons.

What do you charge?
My fee is slightly dictated by mileage to your venue, so for an accurate quote please tell me where and when the naming ceremony will be. But to help with budgeting, a ceremony would not cost more than £300. This includes all my travel expenses, the work that goes into writing and delivering the ceremony, along with any meetings between us. This is to ensure that planning the ceremony is as enjoyable for you as experiencing it on the day.

Baby naming ceremony