What I Do

© T Williams 2015

© T Williams 2015

We wrote our own wedding ceremony – long before I trained to be a celebrant – and managed to make almost all the mistakes it is possible to make (but we still had a brilliant wedding).

A non-religious wedding starts with a blank sheet of paper.  There is no defined form or fixed structure.  No liturgy to fall back on.  That doesn’t mean a Humanist Wedding is anti-religious (indeed it is often a solution for couples with families who hold differing religious faiths).

But it does mean that each ceremony is unique.  Every element of your wedding ceremony – music, words, symbolic acts, vows and structure – is tailored to suit you.

We’ll start with an informal conversation – for you to decide whether you are comfortable with me.  If you’re not – this is the time to part company.  A good relationship with your celebrant is essential.  I have plenty of equally experienced colleagues (see Not The Celebrant You’re Looking For in the side bar).

Over the next weeks and months I’ll help you create your ceremony – everything from vows and readings to sightlines and wedding certificates. Humanist weddings in England are currently symbolic rather than legal.

Once the structure and script of your wedding ceremony meet your approval, we can concentrate on the day itself.  I strongly recommend a rehearsal (often held the day before).

I will arrive in plenty of time, liaise with other participants (like your photographer) to ensure everything goes smoothly, and conduct your wedding ceremony.

I will give you a presentation copy of your wedding ceremony to mark the event.

For this service my fees start at £900.  If extensive travel is required the fee may be higher (which I will tell you about before you make any commitment).