A wedding ceremony should reflect the couple who are getting married. There will be joy and laughter and hopefully a few tears. Love makes the world go round and weddings are full of love.  Visiting a couple to help them plan their ceremony is a personal and intimate experience and focuses on the marriage rather the table napkins! This meeting helps to make the ceremony unique and leads to the wedding guests having a real understanding of the couple’s commitment, aspirations and values.

“So many of our guests told us just how beautiful the ceremony was, and that it was the loveliest wedding they had been to. Jan truly made it special for us.”     

“Thank you Jan for everything that you did to make our wedding day so special. The ceremony was just what we wanted and it meant so much to us to say our own words and have such a personal service. Thank you for your encouragement and for helping us to focus on exactly what we wanted to say and convey.”