Namings and Adoptions


“What’s your name?” A question that we have all been asked so many times in our lives. It is fundamental to who we are, a key part of our identity and something that is chosen for us and given to us.

Name-giving has long been an important ritual in society. In some cultures, ‘name days’ are celebrated as much as birthdays or even in place of them. Names are so much more than just a word and it is natural that people want to celebrate the giving of a name as it is a celebration of the child, a way of welcoming them into a family, a way of presenting them to the world.

In Humanist ceremonies, you are free to create a ceremony that suits your situation. You can celebrate in any location from a beach to a castle, from your own home to a forest. You can make it informal and relaxed or more structured and official. You can choose to have music and singing, readings, the making of promises and the giving of gifts. You can invite family and friends to be involved, and choose people to act as mentors or supporters, rather like the godparents in Christian ceremonies.

Most ceremonies are planned for when a child is quite young, often linked with a birthday, but they can take place at any time. They are also a wonderful way to welcome a child who has been adopted into a family or where new families are created as partners come together after previous relationships.

Namings are emotional, memorable and enjoyable celebrations. Family and friends come together, taking time out of busy lives to gather around a special child. It is a chance to reflect on life and to consider our values, our hopes and our dreams. It is a chance to make commitments and to re-focus our lives for the future.

And just as each child is unique, so is each ceremony. Through the sharing of ideas, we will create a ceremony together which will celebrate the life of your child in a wonderful and memorable way.


From V, B and O

We wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for conducting such a thoughtful, personal and lovely naming ceremony. The feedback from all those we spoke to was heartfelt and positive. You’re approach and tact was spot on and we feel you struck the right tone on all fronts.


For further information, please contact Andy Ison on 07522 553491 or

Cost, including planning meeting and all preparation: £225