About Kim Baker

I am a celebrant based in Cornwall UK and conduct namings, weddings and funerals anywhere in Cornwall or Devon. I will consider other locations by request.

My Background

I worked in Social Services for over 35 years, initially as a carer, then later as a Social Worker working mainly with older people, people with disabilities and their families.

I always yearned to live in Cornwall and over 15 years ago moved to this very special place from Shropshire with my husband. Our two sons soon followed us and we are now fortunate to live close to them,  and our grandchildren – something for which I will always be thankful for.

I have been a Humanist since my early twenties, but didn’t really know that my beliefs had a name, or that there was an organisation called Humanists UK, its discovery was a revelation to me a few years ago.  

I retired from Social Work in 2015 and decided to explore becoming a celebrant, it is quite simply, the best job I have ever had.

Other interests

I am fortunate to be able to spend precious time with my grandchildren, we have lots of fun together!.

I appreciate the beauty of the Cornish landscape and environment and love spending time in my garden with my dog Oscar, who is very naughty but extremely lovable.

As a Celebrant

Being a celebrant is a real  privilege. It is an honour to be invited to meet such a vast range of people at such a personal time, helping and guiding them to create a unique, non- religious ceremony that is just right for them.

Please contact me if you want to have a chat about how we can work together to create a ceremony that is just right for you

Contact details

I can be contacted on Telephone 07465 298334 or by e-mail on kim.baker@humanistceremonies.org.uk

Where I work

I work mainly in Cornwall and Devon,  but I will consider travelling further afield – please contact me to discuss.