Pre-planning your funeral

In western culture, where death is still largely a taboo subject, it can be painful and/or embarrassing to discuss your wishes with loved ones. However, having worked with those at the end of their lives in the hospice,  I have seen the benefits that open discussion can have for the person at the end of their life and for those surviving them.  Many people had a sense of guilt and responsibility that their death would bring grief and hardship to those remaining and wanted to ease some of that burden. Part of my role was to facilitate and mediate in these difficult conversations and this often resulted in sadness but relief. I would also then be able to witness the gratitude the family felt when they knew just what their loved one wanted and this did indeed lift some of the burden at a very stressful time.

I am now experienced in working with people to discuss and plan their funeral and subsequently lead the service. This has proved to be humbling and powerful, and families have had the satisfaction of knowing their loved one has been honoured and celebrated in their own way.

Many Funeral Directors now offer the option to pay for your funeral in advance and this can give peace of mind from a financial perspective.  Writing a will and documenting your wishes regarding your funeral can offer further peace of mind. It may be that you have been diagnosed with a life limiting illness or you are fit and well, if you would like to discuss pre-planning then please contact me, without obligation on

or 07843 585107

My fee for pre planning will be dependent on your requirements but will be discussed and agreed at our first meeting.