Thank  you so much for conducting such a warm and poignant service for our family member. You really helped us make this a memorable event and one that the children and teenagers could feel part of and not too upsetting for them.  You helped us remember the good times whilst helping the children to feel it’s still ok to be sad. We all loved the rosemary  you brought with  you and taking time to talk to the whole family at the end. We will definitely recommend your services to other families. Many thanks”
Ali  (Interment of Ashes.)  December 2018

“you were lovely… the service was also lovely … the family were very pleased. We will definitely be in touch for future funerals”

Funeral Director. January 2019.


“Hi Mandy, 

“Thank you so much for yesterday you were amazing.  Everyone commented on how good you were. 
We gave dad a lovely send off”
Jill.  January 2019
“Thank you so much. You got our …. down to a T”
Sister. January 2019 
” I never knew you could have a funeral like that.
Can I book you in ?”
Friend. January 2019
“thank you so much, that made me laugh and cry and I found out things about … I didn’t know”
Cousin. January 2019 
” thank you Mandy you did a really good job”
Brother. January 2019 
“thank you so much Mandy, we couldn’t have done it without you”
Son. February 2019
that was so lovely thank you. My husband had a Humanist funeral many years ago and that was just right too, I had forgotten how much better they are
                                                                    Friend. February 2019 
“Thank you Mandy that was just right, lovely in fact, if a funeral can be!”
Sister in Law. Feb 2019  
                                                       “I can’t thank you enough, that was so so lovely”
                                              Daughter at Dads’ funeral Feb 2019
“Thank you, that was spot on”
Friend. 2019
“absolutely brilliant”
            Daughter on reading the draft personal tribute sent before her  Mums’ funeral. Feb 2019
That was just Brilliant Mandy
Brother. March 2019 
                                                      ” I wasn’t sure what I sent you would come out right, but you said it perfectly thank you”
                                                                    Daughter. March 2019 
“everyone is commenting on how good that was”
                                         Brother. March 2019 
“I can’t thank you enough Mandy, you kept me going, you’ve been so nice and I know it’s not been easy. Just when I thought I couldn’t cope I just looked at you and you kept me strong in there, thank you so much” 
Partner 2019 
                                                           “thank you, that was bang on!”                                       Friend. March 2019 
“Great service, just right!”
                        Friend and fellow Army Veteran. March 2019 
“Thank you Mandy for the PDF and thank you so much for mums service, you did a perfect job in portraying mums life, it couldn’t have been done better in anyway”    Son. April 2019