Memorials, Celebration of Life, Scattering/Interment of Ashes

Memorial/Celebration of Life 

A memorial service is an acknowledgement of someone’s death and a celebration of their achievements, personality and relationships that can be held after, or instead of, a funeral. There are many reasons to hold a memorial service, for example;

  • The next of kin may choose a private funeral, followed by a memorial service, to include a wider circle of people wishing to pay their respects e.g. if the person is popular/well known.
  • A memorial service may be appropriate instead of a funeral if the person has left their body to medical science or in the absence of a body through accident or other tragic circumstance.
  • A memorial service can be held instead of a funeral if the next of kin have chosen a Direct Cremation or where the body is taken for cremation without a funeral. You may choose  this if you do not feel ready for a funeral, want more time to plan a fitting remembrance ceremony or would just rather meet in less formal surroundings.
  • You might wish to mark birthdays or anniversaries with a memorial service

There are no restrictions on the time and place a memorial service can be held and a funeral director does not have to be involved. If you would like to plan a memorial service and have a celebrant help you write, structure and officiate then please get in touch to discuss your thoughts.

Scattering or Interment of Ashes

The scattering or burial of ashes can be an important part of the mourning ritual and offers another chance to express grief, love and appreciation of the life of the person who has died. It may be that there is a significant place where you would like say a final farewell  and I can work with you to craft a service that is fitting to your loved one.

The fee will be dependent on your needs and will be agreed from our first conversation so please contact me to discuss, with no obligation

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