Here are a few of the comments made by people whose ceremonies I have conducted: 

“All my family felt your kindess”

“It was a large life to sum up but you made a wonderful job of it.”

“Thank you for your kind and personal words about Dad and for giving me the confidence to stand up and speak.”

“For me, the time you so kindly spent at our kitchen table was an invaluable preparation for the funeral itself.  It allowed me to focus on the joy and achievement of his life and not just the last few sad years.”

“We wanted to write to you now we’ve just celebrated our first anniversary to thank you again for helping us plan and celebrate our wedding ceremony.  It was incredibly meaningful for us, and reflecting back on it after a year we wouldn’t have planned it any other way.”

“I was a little concerned as to how a Humanist funeral would be received, especially by those with strong religious beliefs, but everyone, without exception, commented on how beautifully the ceremony had been conducted. “Sad but uplifting” was one comment, but the most-used adjective was “Heartwarming”  and many said the ceremony reflected her character and life to a “T”.”

 “Thank you for your wonderful, warm naming ceremony… it drew out the best in everyone there” 

“You had listened so carefully to his story and expressed it so well!” 

“When it’s my turn, that’s the ceremony I want!”

“All our little party went home feeling we had given her the perfect goodbye” 

“They took inspiration from what you said”

 “Thank you for all the time and trouble you took to learn about him and what he meant to us all”

 “Thank you for guiding us through  and giving us suggested readings…it all helps so much at a time when your head is so full and your emotions so tender.”

“I’m a religious minister and I thought it was spot on!  So positive”

“Sue, you really did help to turn an incredibly sad occasion into a reason to celebrate two lives that had been long and fulfilling. I thank you from my heart. Kind regards. M”