Naming Ceremony in Bournemouth for Zebediah

As I father I understand the importance of family and of celebrating the arrival of children. A naming ceremony is an important part of a child’s introduction to the wider family. It is an occasion that will be remembered by those present and the child being named will in the future perhaps feel comfort and security in knowing how he/she was welcomed.

There’s no set script for a humanist naming ceremony – it’s too personal an occasion for that. Instead, every naming is tailored to meet the particular family’s requirements. Working with you I will craft a ceremony, perhaps combining music, readings, poetry, symbolic acts / rituals, the appointment of guide/promise parents that is right for your child(ren) and for your family.

Naming ceremonies are not just for babies, indeed many take place on first birthdays or later. It is not unusual to have double or even triple ceremonies where older siblings are celebrated along with more recent arrivals.