Summer 2018 Theo

Theo’s naming at Loughton Lodge, Stockbridge

Naming at the Wishing Well, Upwey.

Ella’s naming in The Three Tuns marquee










As a father I have an understanding of the importance of family and of celebrating the arrival of children. A naming ceremony can be an important part of a child’s introduction to the wider family. It is an occasion that will be remembered by those present and the child being named will, in the future, perhaps gain comfort and security in knowing that they

were welcomed with a special ceremony. Namings do not have to be restricted to babies and young children, older children, adopted children and new identities can also be celebrated in a meaningful way.

Every naming is individual and carefully written and s very much guided by your wishes and what you would like to include. I will meet with you to discuss your wishes and create a ceremony which you will approve before the special day. The ceremony can combine music, readings, poetry, symbolic acts / rituals, the appointment of guide parents, parents’ promises to make it special and right for your child(ren) and for your family.

It is not unusual to have double or even triple ceremonies where older siblings are celebrated along with more recent arrivals.

  • Babies and young children
  • Older children
  • Adoptions
  • New Families
  • New Identities

I have conducted namings in many different places including community centres, pubs, formal gardens, back gardens, on the beach and one in a museum, every one has been a pleasure!


Zebediah’s naming in the Russell-Cotes Museum, Bournemouth.