Coronavirus – Covid 19: The current health crisis has lead to crematoriums changing the way they operate. Ceremonies are being restricted to smaller numbers. I am happy to hold meetings over the phone, by video apps (zoom, skype etc.) or to meet in person whilst observing social distancing measures. Many people are opting to have a small ceremony now and to have a bigger wake or celebration of life at a later date when more people can be present.

A funeral is about saying goodbye and celebrating the life that has ended, enabling friends and family to come together in a mutually supportive atmosphere at a sad time. A Humanist ceremony is a good choice for anyone who wants a non-religious funeral and who feels that a religious service would be inappropriate. I conduct ceremonies at a variety of venues including: crematoriums, woodland and natural burial grounds, cemeteries and at a places special to the deceased.

‘Simon displayed such great empathy, compassion and care’

How does it work?

If you are arranging a funeral, whether through a funeral director or not, you can contact me direct (details are on the right). Once you have chosen a funeral director, give them my details. Do get in touch with me as soon as possible so that I can confirm my availability.

Conducting a funeral

The Barn, Harbour View Woodland Burial Ground

I will visit you to discuss the person you have lost, their life, their work and interests, family stories and any recollections you wish to share. We can talk about music, readings and poems that perhaps meant something to them / you would like.

I will prepare a fitting and meaningful tribute and ceremony. The format is up to you, there is a guide to a ceremony which you do not have to stick to, if you would prefer something different that is fine. After the ceremony I will give you a copy of the script to keep.

“Simon helped us celebrate my father’s life in such a way, that to this day I still feel at peace.”


Memorial services, Direct funerals and scattering of ashes

A memorial ceremony following cremation or burial may be held at a wide range of venues, I can conduct one on the same day as the funeral, or at a later date. Sometimes people decide to have a Direct funeral where the deceased is cremated or buried without a ceremony. I can attend these on behalf of the family and perhaps conduct a ceremony on a future date. This also applies to the interment or scattering of ashes, which can be done at a crematorium, woodland burial park, cemetery, at sea* or another special place including your garden at home.

*I can arrange ash scattering at sea if that is wanted.

“It was just how we wanted it – simple and dignified.”


I am happy to meet with you if you would like to discuss a funeral in advance for when the time comes. What shape this takes depends entirely on your personal circumstances and preference, it can range from designing a complete ceremony to just discussing the outline of one.