Things to consider

“One of the wonderful things about Humanist Ceremonies is that they can take place ANYWHERE!”


Dodworth Manor – Andy Gaines Photography


Tom & Cherry Griffiths in a field with some sheep – Andy Gaines Photography


Julie & Neil Kay at Hornby Laithe Bunkhouse Barn



VENUE I’ve conducted weddings in mansion houses, hotels, pubs, old chapels and abbeys, the family garden, by the sea, in woodland, under the tree where the couple first met and across fields, over stiles, through mud, past cows (and bulls!) to have the ceremony by a stream which was a favourite family place!







Cherry & her bridesmaids – Andy Gaines Photography

  • Having a traditional role such as brides maid, best man, ring bearer, usher/usherette, readings, music/songs,
  • The Celebrant can formally ask for the best wishes and ongoing support for the marriage from parents, best man/woman and/or all guests.
  • A procession along a path or through a wood. It is profoundly powerful to walk together to begin a ceremony.
  • Sybolic actions are a way to involve specific people or all guests. Some are particularly suitable for children.


SYMBOLIC ACTIONS Most couples choose to include some form of symbolism in their wedding ceremony, some of which you will be familiar with and others will be new to you. I’ve been asked to include all of the sybolic actions below in my ceremonies at some point and I feel they added a special element to the occasion.  I can give you more information about these (and more) if you are interested.

  • Wedding rings


    Wedding Rings – Andy Gaines Photography

  • Handfasting
  • Jumping the broom
  • Loving cup
  • Bell of truce
  • Breaking Glass
  • Rose ceremony
  • Sand ceremony
  • Candles



Cherry, Ruby & Tom Griffiths – Andy Gaines Photography


Lola Daisy-Jane Alsop



For couples with children I am very happy to combine a Naming within a Wedding Ceremony or vice versa.





REGISTERING YOUR MARRIAGE Couples often have the smallest and simplest registry option as they consider the Humanist Ceremony their true Wedding where they include their wider circle of family and friends to witness personal vows and celebrate their special day.

You may choose to make more of an occasion at the registry office, particularly if there are family members who would not be able to attend your Humanist Ceremony at a less accessible location. Or you may wish to register your marriage in Las Vegas but have your Humanist Ceremony with family & friends in Yorkshire.

Although its usually not possible or necessary for registrars to work alongside Humanist Celebrants, there are some venues where you can have the legal registration of marriage in one room and the Humanist Ceremony in another room or marquee.