Divorce Ceremony …..

Essentially, some people do need a method of dealing with breakups in a positive way, and so a ceremony or ‘party’ even, can help by focusing on ‘completing’ (rather than ending) a relationship and, through lessons learned along the way, by being empowered to move on with life as a better person equipped to succeed in any further relationships.  I would be happy to discuss this type of ceremony if you think it’s for you!

A Divorce ceremony  is the act of ending a marriage or relationship in a way that is viewed as a positive step by both parties. We would sit and talk about what you feel to be most appropriate for both you and your friends and family.  The ceremony marks this step and, and perhaps you both will remain   friends, co-parent  and have good lives apart; your lives can be well lived  with renewed energy.  This is an amicable separation, which  may be sceptically viewed or rare, but more recent public awareness has brought these occasions rather more forward into our consciousness.

Rites of Passage – a four-part BBC Documentary series shown in 2018, explores how the secular world currently marks biggest events in our lives.  Grayson Perry covers a compelling divorce ceremony with two amicable divorcees.  The USA already has a divorce app ‘Spiltsville‘ (search for a heart where the v is) where you can form networks with others going through a relationship breakdown and post in the forum …. and in the Netherlands an entrepreneur  set up ‘Divorce Hotel‘, a kind of breakup minibreak. The soon-to-be-former couple go to a hotel and sit down with a lawyer who is specially trained in mediation. Talks continue all weekend – sometimes involving accountants, estate agents and counsellors – before papers are signed on Sunday evening. Brilliant!