My first Wedding ceremony early in November 2017 was great fun – a small and intimate affair over in Warwickshire. Initially it was a pretty cold day and so I was pleased we were indoors, especially as a colleague was also working that day outside on a cliff top for a couple!  Later the sun came out and it became beautifully warm for just an hour or so and we went outside to take photos.  Here’s the bouquet – gorgeous.  I was delighted to receive such positive and happy feedback from so many people afterwards – thank you!

Since then, there have been quite a few exciting days – all different, all ages, same sex, with and without ‘extras’ like hand fasting and candle lighting.  There are so many ways to make a wedding personal and so each time I sit down with a couple I never know what is going to be suggested, or whether they will take up any of my ideas!  That’s why I really love doing this – expect the unexpected and make it memorable.



1st and last photo credit – Alex Anderson

There are many ways to make your day special!  Please call me for an initial chat and we’ll work out what’s best for you both.