Natural Burials

Natural Burials are often chosen by families because they can be less formal than an occasion in a crematorium.  In the first picture we are standing ready with the funeral directors ready to lift and commit the body – brought to the site by Eddie who is grazing quietly behind.  There are children present, who helped by sprinkling rose petals.

Pictures here show a really lovely Glass House right in the centre of a wonderful natural site. The fields are full of lovely indigenous grasses and trees and it simply gives a feeling of being close to nature when you are inside being warmed by the wood stove.

In all weathers, outdoor burials can be supported by myself and staff.  Here in Pembrokeshire there are opportunities to hold a ceremony at several different places; you will find comfort, every aspect of your needs taken care of and of course, you can return at any time to see the changes in the seasons and have time for thought.