Celebration Of Life/Memorial Service

As you will know we have recently lived through unsettling times and this has affected the way we deal with all celebrations of life, with the hardest hit being funerals. This has led to celebration of life and memorial ceremonies becoming more popular either at a separate time to a funeral or as a stand alone ceremony that celebrates a beloved’s life.

This type of ceremony/service could be an opportunity to gather your family and friends and reflect on your beloved’s life, the relationships they forged and the legacy they have left. The ceremony can be anywhere you choose, it doesn’t have to be held in a crematorium or church like a traditional funeral service. It could be in your garden, the local pub, on the beach or somewhere that was important to your loved one.

There need not be a sombre dress code, and it can be a positive, upbeat celebration of life including poems, music, the sharing of anecdotes and maybe the creation of a memory book or the planting of a tree. You may even wish to use this occasion to scatter ashes. There are many unique ways to make this a poignant celebration, most importantly the ceremony will be bespoke and written specifically to honour their life.

Unlike a traditional funeral ceremony there is no time limit, both on when the ceremony is held and how long you would like it to be. This allows for opportunity to take time over arrangements for the ceremony and to create something special.

If you would like to have a conversation about any of the above, please get in touch.

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“From the moment I met Lynn to discuss the celebration of life for my husband, I felt comfortable with her. She has a very warm kind personality. She sent me drafts along the way, which gave me the opportunity to change anything if needed. I had asked for the day to be as upbeat and informal as possible, which is exactly what she was able to deliver. The day was the absolute best it could be, I can’t imagine it going any better. I am delighted that I chose Lynn. All my guests commented on what a lovely person she is, and what a fabulous job she did for me”.
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