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I’m hoping that you have found this page because you’re planning a wedding, vow renewal or civil partnership and are looking for a ceremony that is unique and personal that celebrates you and tells your love story.

A humanist ceremony is all about YOU.…Your values, your relationship, your hopes for the future and most importantly how you would both like to celebrate your special day. Whoever you love, however you want to celebrate I’ll create a meaningful and personal ceremony for you both.

You don’t need call yourself a Humanist to have a humanist wedding. Although religion is not part of a humanist ceremony, they are not anti-religious and if you are a couple of differing faiths or cultures you might want to add aspects or family traditions into the ceremony to reflect this.

I’d love the opportunity to work with you to create a ceremony that tells your story, celebrating your love and commitment to each other. A ceremony that family and friends will feel engaged in and one that places you at its heart.

Whatever you decide (traditional, unconventional, indoor, outdoor, the full monty, small and cosy) I’ll work with you to create a special day which is personal and reflective of you both.

Currently Humanist weddings do not yet have legal recognition in England and Wales, unlike Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands where they are recognised in law. Humanists UK are continuing their campaigning to change the unfair marriage laws in England and Wales.

Currently couples that wish to, usually undertake the legal paperwork at their local register office. This can be done in the days/weeks before or after a humanist ceremony and can be a simple process with little cost involved, currently in the region of £75.

A humanist ceremony is as unique as you both are, so how you do your “I do’s” is completely up to you!

I’m often asked about the format of humanist weddings, below is an outline structure of how a ceremony could look but it is by no means rigid. Stay as traditional as you wish or feel free to break the mould and a create a completely different ceremony.                            


Arrival of the couple (accompanied by music)
Introductions and welcomes
Words about love, marriage and commitment
Reading/poem/song (by family or friends)
Your unique story
What marriage means to you
Your promises, vows, commitments to each other
Ritual/symbolic act/fun element (unity candle, hand fasting, cultural tradition, crowd ring warming, drinking from a loving cup)
Exchange of rings (or other jewellery)
Marriage pronouncement, signing a certificate
Words of wishes for the future and departure (accompanied by music)


All of the above can be tailored to suit your needs and wishes. You may have an exact idea of how you would like your ceremony to look and feel or you might like some guidance and suggestions. Either way I’ll be delighted to help you create a special and personal ceremony.

Please get in touch for a “no obligation to book” chat, or to ask questions about your ceremony. My contact details are below.

Hope to speak soon…



“Lynn’s professionalism and commitment to making our wedding day perfect was second to none. She took the time to understand our story and worked closely with us to ensure everything was just right. Not only was the process a very enjoyable one (as it gave my wife and I a great chance to reflect on our relationship), the outcome on the day far exceeded our expectations as Lynn’s delivery was both heartfelt and humorous..”


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