A unique and special naming ceremony.

What is a Naming Ceremony?

A Humanist naming ceremony is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of your child. Although not religious it’s a personal, family friendly occasion full of joy and laughter and often a few “happy” tears.

The ceremony I’ll create (working with you) will be specifically for your child, and it might include readings, poetry, singing, music and parental promises. Family and friends can be involved and often guideparents  (supporting adults) are appointed who also make commitments to the child. Symbolic gestures or rituals can be included, tree planting, lighting candles, sand blending, a book of wishes are a few of many options.

The ceremony itself can be in any location you choose at any time of the year. I’ve had the pleasure of delivering ceremonies in gardens, kitchens, church halls, cafes, hotels, restaurants, manor houses, cricket clubs, community centres, the options are endless! Most ceremonies are held on a weekend in the early afternoon, but the choice is yours. If you are opting for outside a backup plan for British weather is a good idea!

You may know exactly what you’d  like, or you may be looking for ideas and suggestions, whichever way I’ll be very happy to work with you to create a ceremony that is personal and one that you and your family will remember.

“From the moment we met Lynn she was attentive and applied, explaining the process clearly and listening to what we wanted from the day. A perfect combination of humanism and humour, she really made our daughter’s naming day super special. Lynn paid careful attention to our family story, noting key points and marrying them with our chosen poems to deliver a beautifully written ceremony. We will always look back on the day with the fondest of memories, and for that we have Lynn to thank.”


Proud to be featured in the recent Baby Magazine in an article written by Humanists UK 🥳


How to make your day extra special.

There are so many different ways to make your ceremony unique and extra special, here are a few ideas.


Poems or readings can be delivered by parents, siblings, family, friends and guideparents. I can suggest some ideas, or you may have your own favourites. Popular quotes and readings come from many different sources including Winnie the Pooh, Dr Seuss, Nick Cave, Benjamin Zephaniah, Maya Angelou, Frank Turner, Neil Gaiman, Oliver Jeffers and in some instances specially created poetry or words have been created by family and friends.

Parents and guideparents can make pledges or promises to the child and if the person is not confident to speak, I can make the reading on their behalf.  I can also read parental and guideparent promises which can be followed by “I will” or “We will”.



You may choose to play or sing a nursery rhyme or an important family song, you might even have someone musical in the family who will play “live” on the day.

We sang “you are my sunshine” on baby N’s naming day, sang and played along to Jingle Bells at W’s naming day which was held a few weeks before Christmas and sang “in the round” on A’s naming day.

It helps is you know someone musical but there are many songs and nursery rhymes which are universally known ( and I’m always happy to start the singing on those!).


Different coloured sands representing family/friends (parents, grandparents, siblings, guideparents) are blended together during the ceremony in a jar which is sealed and kept for the child in later years. M’s guideparents created this beautiful sand blending during her ceremony as they made pledges to her.



Two candles can be lit, one by each side of the family and the flame from each can light a 3rd candle for the child. This candle can then be kept and used by the family and lit on special occasions (birthdays etc).

Candles can also be lit to remember those much missed and unable to make the ceremony.


If the ceremony is at home a tree can be planted to mark the occasion, alternatively a small tree or bush can be planted in a pot and later moved. Small notes can be tied to the tree/plant with wishes for the child from those present.





An image of a tree, or other significant image, can be used to allow guests (children especially love this) to dab their fingertip in paint and then print on the image which can then be signed, or a picture created by guideparents, parents and the child’s handprints.

This can then be framed and kept as a memory of the day. A’s parents created their own wall art.




All guests are asked to write a wish for the child in a book or on a card to be kept in a “wishes jar” or time capsule which can be given to the child when they are 18.



This is just a guide, there are many more options or you may have some ideas that you would like included, and this can be discussed at our planning meeting.


“Lynn created a wonderfully personal and touching ceremony, she made everyone feel welcome and created a lovely atmosphere throughout”


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