What is a humanist funeral?

Humanist funeral ceremonies are individually created to honour and commemorate life.

Ceremonies are individually created acknowledging the death of a loved one but also offering the opportunity to celebrate the life they lived, the memories they created with family and friends and the legacy they leave behind.

The ceremony can include personal eulogies, music, readings, poetry and and there can be time for some quiet reflection too. As a non-religious ceremony humanist funerals do not include any religious acts of worship.

Whatever is required I will work closely with those arranging the ceremony to create an individual ceremony that will honour the person who has died.


My fee is in the range of £250-£300 and includes the following.

Meeting with those arranging the funeral (in person, online or by telephone).
Suggesting ideas to create a ceremony that is personal and unique.
Writing a bespoke script for the service and advising on ways to create an individual ceremony.
Advising on music choices if required.
Assisting family and friends that wish to deliver eulogies or readings in the ceremony.
Liaising with Funeral Directors, chapel staff and others where appropriate.
Officiating and professionally delivering the ceremony.
Providing a keepsake copy of the service.​


It is worth noting that you are not limited to choosing a crematorium or burial site for funerals. You can have a non-religious funeral ceremony at a range of venues including your home which allows for flexibility on time and length of the ceremony. A funeral director should be able to discuss this option with you.
Memorial services or celebration of life services are another option worth considering. These can take place in many different locations and are not as restrictive as a traditional ceremony, and can take place at any time. 



If you would like to discuss any of the above, please get in touch, my details are below.


“Lynn was superb throughout the whole process. She was kind, caring, attentive and thoughtful. She made a difficult and upsetting time bearable. We cannot praise her enough”


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