About Ewan

Ewan, on a cruise ship, drinking champagneLike many of us, I’ve been a humanist since long before I discovered what the word humanist meant. Put simply, it’s not only possible but essential to live a good, positive, ethical life without religion or supernatural beliefs. As part of that, it’s a true privilege to be able to work with people to mark some of the the most important and joyful days of their lives.

Also like many celebrants, I divide my time between this and a few other things: I’m a self-employed designer, I’ve spent many years working part-time for a national charity for unpaid carers, and am qualified as a youth and community worker. Oh, and I spent 11 years as a tour guide on a ghost walk… but please don’t let that put you off!

I’ve lived here in beautiful York for 20 years so far, and been happily married for 13 of those. (The most recent 13, in case you were wondering.)