Susan and Darren

Susan and Darren held their ceremony in Edale Village Hall. It’s an informal building surrounded by the fabulous Peak District, an area they’re both very fond of (and if you spend any time there, you’ll see why). The perfect setting to hold a really friendly, warm, relaxed ceremony completely tailored to them.

They brought all sorts of touches that transformed the place—from flowers, vines and fairy lights around the Village Hall, to a cartload of drinks for the honesty bar! The field outside had a bouncy castle and barbecue, and it all added up to a lovely, fun, family day where everyone was welcome and every guest could relax and enjoy themselves. Accordingly, the ceremony focused on their main reason for holding the event at all: to celebrate the time they’d spent together and the friends and family who had played such an important part in it. They each wrote vows privately and revealed them for the first time during the ceremony.

Deck chairs, leaves and fairy lights
The Village Hall looking beautiful, awaiting the bride and groom
Bride and groom exchange rings while Ewan watches
It was a laid back ceremony but with a few classic formal touches.
Cakes arranged on a table
All the guests brought cakes, which the bride and groom judged and awarded prizes…
Bride and groom kiss on a bouncy castle
…but not before the official First Bounce on the bouncy castle.

“Ewan made us feel very confident that we were going to get what we wanted as he understood this straight away.”