Kate and David

A beautiful day in Barmbyfield House, a converted barn complex in Barmby Moor, just outside York. They had a free run of the place to decorate and use it however they wanted, and during the week before the wedding there was an army of friends and family doing everything from setting tables and making wedding favours to painting wood and hanging paper lanterns in the trees! No detail was ignored and they did an amazing job.

We held the ceremony in the barn itself, beautifully lit by what seemed like hundreds of candles. Plenty of classic touches, with traditional vow wording, the bride processing in, one or two readings, and a guest book which the couple signed during the ceremony. For the wording we focused particularly on the importance of the moment and having everybody there to share it. It was a beautiful day and I was very sad to say goodbye!

Ewan addressing the wedding guests
A few introductory words with the guests before the bride entered
Kate and David laughing during wedding ceremony
It was a meaningful ceremony but with plenty of moments to laugh too.
David and Kate signing a book
A pause during the ceremony to sign the commemorative book, and take a deep breath before the final moment
Bride, groom, celebrant and best man laughing during ceremony
A small moment when the groom forgot his words…
Kate and David kiss at the end of their wedding ceremony
But it turned out fine in the end.
Bride and groom processing out of their wedding ceremony
The bride and groom processed out at the end of the ceremony
Kate and David with confetti on them
followed by a fabulous day of celebration!

My thanks to Adam Riley for the photographs. You can read his take on the day, and see a lot more photographs, on his blog.