Jamie and Camila

Jamie and Camila got married at Islington Mill, a former mill converted into an art space / bar / venue in Salford. It’s a place that had been important in their lives and had a fantastic urban, industrial feel that made it a perfect place for a huge party. We held the ceremony in the courtyard outside, which they’d transformed with flowers, bunting and astroturf!

Their overall idea was simply to invite everybody into their life and share it with them. So, different parts of the day and different areas of the venue reflected different aspects of them, from the bride’s origins in Brazil to the groom’s life in the film and events industry. For them, the idea of their two families coming together, from different continents, was important too. We put together a ceremony that involved both of their mothers, reflected lots of different traditions together, and was all about joyfulness, creativity and getting the best out of life. A fabulous day.

Jamie welcoming everyone
The groom himself began the proceedings, welcoming everybody and explaining what the day was about.
Jamie and Ewan on stage
He invited me to join him on stage before we welcomed the bride.
Camila and her mother arriving
The bride processed across the courtyard with her mother.
Jamie, Camila and Ewan on stage with jug
In the centre of the stage is a jug of water; the bride and groom each washed the other’s wedding ring before presenting it to them.
Jamie, Camila, Wendy, Ana and Ewan on stage
Each of their mothers took part in the vows, as well as giving a reading.
Jamie and Camila in confetti
We showered them in confetti as they walked off the stage.
Afterwards, the courtyard was like a street party—with pies and mash, drinks, bunting and live bands.

Room decorated with deck chairs and palm trees

Meanwhile, the inside space had been converted into a Brazilian beach for the evening!

“Ewan was incredible! He created such a personal and relevant ceremony for us—some of our guests said it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever attended!”