Funerals and memorial services during the COVID crisis Written for the Hungerford CHAINmail newsletter

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Three pieces of music for my funeral  Have you chosen yours?

The Remains of the Day. My favourite book. And why.

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Who Are You? A blog post I wrote but never published.

Things I’ve learned since turning 50   Going to have to update this for a new decade soon now.

What Katharine House Hospice means to me An article I wrote for a book published in 2015.

An online guide to funeral planning, with an article about me on page 9. Also here for 2022, with my article on p.27.

“Simon captured my mother completely. We as a family were very impressed by his choice of words.
He was respectful of our feelings, he empathised with us and managed to capture our Mum’s personality and life very well.”