Most funerals are cremations, held in the chapel of the crematorium. These days the chapels are bright, welcoming places, with modern facilities such as air conditioning, ample toilets and even sofas in the front rows in some cases. There is usually a modern sound system which can play almost any piece of music you can think of. The ceremony can be live-streamed and/or recorded Рask your funeral director. You can also have a slideshow of photos of the deceased incorporated into the ceremony, perhaps set to music.

Voile curtain at crematorium

Voile curtain at crematorium

Whether the curtain closes around the coffin during the Committal part of the ceremony is entirely your choice (I find there is about a 50:50 split in people’s decisions).¬† Some chapels additionally have the option of a semi-translucent curtain – the voile – instead of the regular heavy curtains.

Some of the chapels where I’ve performed ceremonies (in alphabetic order):

“I had a couple of people remark that it was the best funeral they had ever attended. One friend of mine said it was a real eye opener that a secular service could be so warm and meaningful and was making her rethink what sort of service she would like to have when her time came.”

“…thank you for your support yesterday, your service was smooth and professional.”