In these difficult times, the sadness brought about by the death of a loved one is even harder to bear.

I am still willing and able to conduct a Humanist funeral ceremony for you.
I can do this as a restricted version of a normal funeral, an online virtual funeral or as a separate memorial service in the future, post-crisis. Or any combination of these.

Family visits
This is normally where I meet you and find out about the person who has died. While it’s always preferable to have these face to face, I’m happy to have these over the telephone and equally willing to incorporate a video conference call using Zoom, Google Meet, Skype or other technology of your choice.

Live-streaming or recording of ceremonies
Most crematoria offer this service and I’m happy to help facilitate this for you.

Memorial service
A full memorial service, at a later time and place, can follow a direct cremation, perhaps also involving the burial or scattering of ashes. This service might take place in a neutral location such as a village hall, hotel room, pub or even outdoors.
I can help you with the arrangements for this.

My fees for a customised funeral remain the same, regardless of the crisis.  They are listed here.

When all is said…. As in the case of a sudden death, or death from a long illness, please try not to allow the current crisis to dominate the ceremony.
A Humanist funeral is designed to celebrate the entire life of the deceased person, not comment particularly on the end of their life.















“Simon gave us so much time to listen to us and plan the ceremony. He included so many details of A’s life together so that it was a real celebration of his life.
That helped the family in our sadness.”