In Detail

You know you want to commemorate your child in some way – so why not a Naming Ceremony? The format varies each time but a formal (ish) ceremony of 20-40 minutes is usual.
You might time it to coincide with the child’s birthday, or it might simply be an excuse to have a party. Or both!

There’s no set format but my ceremonies typically include many of the following elements:

  • Introduction and welcomes
  • An introduction to the child and his/her personality & traits
  • Information about the name(s) and its choice
  • Parental promises
  • Guide parent promises
  • Certificates signed by the guide parents
  • Readings and/or poems
  • A symbolic act – ask me for ideas!
  • The actual naming
  • Concluding words

After the ceremony I send you a high-quality copy of the ceremony script.

Humanist Naming Ceremony

Photo: J.Millar


“You put all our information in context. Your choice of a symbolic act was inspired… it was warm and inclusive.”

“The ceremony was beautiful. Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions you made and for making the day so very special.”

…it was a very lovely ceremony, personalised to her and us as a family. Simon took the time to get to know her, even though she was only 9 months old, and captured her spirit with care and humour in his service. He was also accommodating of our all ideas and encouraged and facilitated them, for example, he helped us to set up a musical performance in the ceremony and also helped our friend join remotely on Zoom who couldn’t be there.

“Dear Vernon. This is just to tell you that Caitlin & I have a son aged 48 hours. Its name is Llewelyn Thomas. It is red-faced, very angry & blue-eyed. Bit blue, bit green. It does not like the world. Caitlin is well, & beautiful.”
– Dylan Thomas, February 1st 1939.

Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremony with Paddington Bear theme for a family of Irish heritage

Wishes slips at Humanist Naming Ceremony

Wishes slips at Humanist Naming Ceremony

The Stage is Set for a naming ceremony

    The Stage is Set for a Naming Ceremony

Tamsin meets Simon at a family meeting

Tamsin meets Simon at a family meeting


Naming Celebrant

Outdoor Naming Ceremony in a pub garden

Garden Naming Ceremony

Garden Naming Ceremony