My Fees

Fees table

Interment of Ashes: This is for a ceremony that follows a cremation service I have done previously.

Cremations: This is the same whether it is a standard, (“single slot”) or extended, “double slot” ceremony.

Burials: This reflects the slight extra preparation that is usually required.

Namings: I’ll ask you to sign a simple agreement to protect us both, and request half the balance in advance.

Memorial services: This is also the fee for ashes ceremonies where I haven’t previously been involved.

Pre-planned funerals: I make no charge for a short, initial consultation. Then half my fee after the ceremony is written and approved, with the balance paid after the ceremony is delivered, even if this is years later.

Normally your funeral director will pay my fee as part of their disbursements (the incidental costs associated with a funeral). If there’s no funeral director involved, I’ll send you an invoice.

I only charge travel expenses where my round trip exceeds 100 miles.

I make no charge for funerals of children aged 16 or under.

“We thought Simon was fantastic. My brother and I asked him to help us with our mother’s funeral. Times like this are very difficult, but Simon made it much easier as he was so professional and incredibly supportive.

He had everything covered and devoted a lot of time to us via several zoom meetings, sending through versions of the service as they developed. He was focused on getting everything right to help us celebrate our mother’s life. He has a good sense of humour and worked well with the funeral directors and obviously really knows the ropes.

The service was excellent and one of the attendees said it truly reflected our mother’s personality, as most previous funerals she had been to, seemed very removed from the individual they were celebrating. We would wholeheartedly recommend Simon.”