The Process

Creating Your Own Ceremony

This is a bespoke service.

We won’t use templates, or a ‘mix and match’ buffet of elements – you’ll be provided with a planning questionnaire and other bits and bobs that might help you – but your ceremony is written from scratch, in close collaboration with you.


For weddings, please remember that in England and Wales, the government currently doesn’t allow me to deal with the legal, marriage paperwork; you will need to book with the register office to have your marriage registered in law.

Many register offices offer a very simple ‘sign and witness’ option and there are no regulations as to when you do this – same day, before or after your wedding ceremony with me.


As a prospective client you’ll be offered a free introductory meeting with me, to see if we feel that we’d be a good match to work together on your ceremony. 

To secure your chosen date in my diary, you’ll pay a deposit  and sign a client agreement signed – payment of the deposit confirms your agreement to the terms and conditions of the contract.

You’ll be sent a planning questionnaire and then we’ll organise to meet for a longer planning meeting of approximately 2 – 3 hours, during which I gather all of the information about what you’d like to include in your ceremony.

We’ll liaise via email with you and with anyone you’ve chosen to make a reading or other form of input to the ceremony should that be necessary.

Next the first draft of your ceremony script is written and emailed to you for amendments. At this point, with the largest part of the work done, you transfer the next installment of your fee.

When you return your edits, I write the final version of your ceremony.  Once you’ve confirmed the final copy is accurate, you make the remaining payment, no later than one week before your ceremony.

I create one ‘working’ version including all the prompts, music cues etc to be used on the day and another presentation copy for you as a keepsake.

I’ll then conduct your ceremony on the date and at the venue of your choosing. 

As you can imagine this process takes some time and it usually requires at least a couple of months lead in time.

This can occasionally be flexible though, depending on how busy my diary is at any given point in the year, so do always enquire!


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