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“Some of you might know Christine for her unbelievable talent in creating bespoke wedding ceremonies, for couples who want to say ‘I Do’ in their own way.  I’ve worked with Christine so many times now and can categorically say that she is one the warmest, coolest, most thoroughly magnetic humans I have ever had the good fortune to meet!”
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We knew as soon as we met Christine that she was the person to marry us in front of all our family and friends.
Very quickly, we realised how open, honest, kind and caring she is – our five hour marathon planning session was a testament to that! Her openness inspired the same in us.
The ceremony she wrote was beautiful and summed us up so well.
She was also a massive help during the planning process too and made everything go calmly and smoothly on the day, which we would not have been capable of!
If you’re looking for a celebrant to lead your wedding, we couldn’t recommend Christine enough!


Christine was absolutely amazing!

From the introductory meeting, where we bonded over Tim Minchin and 4-colour Bic pens, through to the incredible ceremony she conducted, we could not have asked for more.

Christine wrote and led a warm, personal and genuine service. She was funny, utterly unflappable and is an all round excellent celebrant (and human).

She made our wedding day the very best it could possibly have been and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Christine!


Honestly Christine, I can’t believe how perfect everything turned out and a big, big part of that was because of you.

Having you ‘run the show’ calmed both of us down and set the tone of the day.

Both sets of parents wanted me to pass on their gratitude to you.

In fact, so many of our friends said how incredible you were, how unique our ceremony was and how much fun they had. It surpassed all my expectations, I couldn’t recommend you enough to anyone looking for something truly special.




If you’re reading this you are probably a) a bit lost in the beginnings of wedding prep and b) already somewhat wary of church or registrar-led civil ceremonies. Perhaps you’ve been to the weddings of friends and family and were struck by how little you actually learnt about the bride and groom, and how much the ceremony felt like any other. I’ve always been completely convinced that a humanist wedding was the only one I wanted; the intimate, personal, meaningful words spoken and vows exchanged all agreed in advance after much thought – for me, the only way it should be on a day so significant. But I did have some convincing to do – some gentle persuasion of the groom, some slightly stronger persuasion of my family, none of whom had even heard of humanist weddings before. I am pleased to report it paid off; every single person that came to our wedding told us afterwards that the ceremony was unlike anything they’d seen before. And so many of our guests named the ceremony as the highlight of the day. I put this all down to our wonderful celebrant Christine.

When you start planning a wedding it quickly feels as through there are a million tiny details to think about, countless decisions that need to be made, unforeseen balls you somehow have to juggle. My advice, for your sanity: outsource at least some of these to professionals. Still, it’s daunting. Christine took the fear away immediately. After some emails and a phone chat we met for drinks and fired all sorts of questions at her, all with no obligation to proceed at all. This was incredibly helpful and reassuring. Obviously we hired her immediately. Next we went away with lots to think about and over the next few months kept adding to a document of ideas – how we met, our friendship, what we’ve achieved together, the proposal, our adventures and our happy quiet home life, along with any poems, readings, songs or meaningful details we could think of. We ended up with, frankly, too much. A new problem: how on earth were we going to shape a neat and ordered ceremony from that? Well aha – that’s where Christine shines. 

Over rosé and chocolate truffles in her kitchen the three of us talked it over for hours. And from much laughter, and bids for attention from Ruby the dog, a clear direction started to form. I will own up here: as a client I was challenging. Our Halloween wedding – the day we met 13 years prior, and my very favourite holiday – had given me far too many notions for autumn-hued, pumpkin-festooned, pagan-tinged excess. Let’s make the guests recite an incantation to placate the fairies! Let’s throw a pomegranate around like the old Celtic hallows-eve marriage rite! Let’s build a wicker man in the field opposite for no reason whatsoever! Clearly these are stupid ideas, and would have turned our wedding into the worst kind of fancy dress gimmick. Christine not only tactfully led me back to the straight and narrow, she identified exactly the tiny seed of each idea which had appealed so much to me, interpreted what I was getting at, and from that entwined my folklore tales organically into the story of our relationship, creating a script that was not only hauntingly beautiful but truly meaningful to us both.

Christine’s wisdom and imagination to bring together all my gabbled thoughts and vague notions into one cohesive style led to the perfect ceremony. The folklore element came in to the explanations of why Halloween is such a significant time to us; for magic and romance, for renewal and seasonal change, the transition from summer to autumn the perfect analogy for our transition from young love into married fulfillment. The ancient handfasting ritual was a beautiful and powerful way to express our vows. That’s not to say the ceremony was in any way solemn – we were very keen that the feel should be informal and full of laughter. To this end Christine suggested the participation of our guests, encouraging them to get to know one another and when the time came, pronounce us husband and wife, in the united voice of our community. On the day this heady mix of emotions meant that there were many tears – in pride from parents, in sentiment from the old romantics, in joy and laughter from everyone else. Which meant when the ring-bearer owl made his surprise entrance (come on – I wasn’t prepared to give up all my crazy ideas) everyone was enthralled and giddy with delight.

Having Christine ‘run the show’ calmed both of us down and set the tone of the day. When I got to the venue trembling with anxiety, seeing her there immediately gave me confidence. It would all be fine because Christine said it would be.
Now it’s nearly a month since our wedding day and I am able to reflect properly on just how important planning this element was. Traditionally the ceremony is the bit you don’t really give much thought to, just the 20 minutes or so to get through before a glass of fizz is handed to you – and that just feels crazy! It’s the reason all your guests have traveled so far to be with you! I’m so glad that we decided to put in the effort – and it’s only fair to warn you that it is more effort – to work with Christine to get it just right. Throughout the process whenever I had queries or amendments she happily made all the alterations and sent the files back straight away. No detail was too small for her to change: it was never in doubt that she wanted it perfect as much as we did.
It may seem very far off but believe me, when the big day is over and all the decorations have been put away and you’ve had all the excitement of getting a big fat file of jpegs from the photographer, you’ll want something tangible to hold in your hands to remind you that your magical day really did happen. Christine’s beautiful printed ceremony script is safe in our wedding memory box and our handfasting cords that she tied round our hands as we exchanged rings are framed in our home. Every time I look at them I grin and fizzle with joy all over again.
We are left feeling so fortunate to have found Christine. You only get to do this once and it’s a real roll of the dice. Thank you, THANK YOU, Christine and Humanists UK, for giving us such happy memories of our perfect day, and for providing exactly the guidance and support needed to make it just that.


I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to Christine who was our celebrant.

Christine was exceptional throughout the entire process.

Christine’s approach, kindness, generosity of spirit and humility made working with her a joy.

Christine was so genuine, helpful and honest and made our wedding day so memorable, as she was able to unlock our stories and bring colour to the words.

Christine is a credit to the Humanist community as she embodies the values of a great human.

I would and have recommended Christine to friends and family.


The ceremony was just as we’d hoped and was delivered in a wonderfully professional yet personal and relaxed way.


We are very much enjoying married life thank you and still coming back down to Earth from the day. We will most definitely be leaving a glowing review. We absolutely loved our ceremony and cannot thank you enough. Lots of our guests commented on how personal the ceremony was and said it was the best they had ever attended… and some of those are even more curmudgeonly than the Steve…. ha ha!


Thank you so much for the amazing ceremony that you conducted for us.  We loved planning it with you and everyone who came said how personal it was and how much they enjoyed it.  We’re so happy you were part of our day.  Thank you xxx


Christine, thank you so, so much from the bottom of our hearts. 

All your help, dedication, love and support made the day for us. 

The ceremony was beyond our wildest dreams and all of that was down to you. 

Everyone has spoken about how relaxed, inclusive and joyous the ceremony was and how they could see it was exactly what we wanted.

Thank you so much again, you will always have a special place in our hearts.


Thank you so much for yesterday – we had an absolutely amazing day and a massive part of that was down to you, lovely x We can never thank you enough xxx


Thank you so much for an amazing ceremony; all our guests loved it – as did Mike and I! 

It was everything we could have hoped for and more xxx


We knew the minute Christine left our house after our introductory meeting that she was the celebrant for us; never mind the fact that our eldest son Joe insisted that we use that ‘awesome lady’ or he wasn’t coming to the wedding!

We worked together to create a script which told our story with love, emotion and exactly the right amount of humour.

With the spectacular backdrop of the Yorkshire Dales in full autumnal glory, Christine then delivered the most perfect ceremony which captured both our individual personalities and us as a couple and which moved several emotional Fell runner’s to tears!

So many of our family and friends commented that it was the best wedding ceremony they’d ever attended, and although very biased, we absolutely agree.

Thank you Christine, you were amazing x


My husband and I had a humanist wedding ceremony, with the wonderful Christine as our Celebrant.

She’s an amazing lady – so friendly, calming and eager to create a wedding ceremony that reflects you and your significant other.

So many of our wedding guests approached us to tell us how unique and enjoyable our ceremony was.

It was our favourite part of the day : )  Thank you, Christine!!


We could not have been more thrilled by our choice to involve Christine in our wedding.

From the first moment we spoke there was a familiarity there and I am so pleased I went with my gut and chose to hire her for our special day.

From listening to all the details that make up our love story and documenting them into an honest and heartfelt ceremony; to affording me a few moments of calm and warding off any and everyone when the nerves kicked in; to waterproofing my new suede Gucci loafers minutes before the wedding started, Christine was amazing.

She fitted every shape that needed fitting on the day. We only wish she’d have stayed a little longer and danced the night away with us as we were not ready to say goodbye to her!

The amount of compliments that came our way on her behalf were unimaginable and the common thread among them all was that she was the perfect person to hold our emotional and special day together.

Christine is a wonderful celebrant and now very much our friend.  Mrs & Mrs Black


Christine is amazing and I could just leave it at that, but will explain why!

She absolutely made our ceremony so memorable not only to us, but our guests.

It was so personal and we felt Christine was one of the family by the end!

Christine’s professionalism, enthusiasm, passion and pride in her work just makes it.

I recommend everyone to a humanist ceremony and we will use Christine again in the future for other family events :-).

We can’t thank her enough for a wedding ceremony that we dreamed of.

We were so lucky to find her and many of our guests said how fantastic she was.

Thank you again Christine!


The ceremony and the whole day were fantastic!

We both had the best time ever and really enjoyed it.

Thank you again for doing the ceremony and writing the script.

It was really unique and very us and everyone loved it.


We first saw Christine at a friend’s naming ceremony. It wasn’t really something we’d seen before, but we were impressed by the personal touches the ceremony had.

When we started planning our wedding, we’d crossed off a religious ceremony, as neither of us follow a faith. That’s when we thought back to Christine and her Humanist ceremony.

We got in touch and organised a meet up over coffee, where she came across as organised and friendly.

We instantly knew we wanted her to do the ceremony!

We met up again a few month later to hammer out the details of the ceremony and she held our hands through all the planning, especially on details where we weren’t sure how’d they’d play out!

The ceremony came and went without a hitch; Christine even helped organise some of our less clued up family!

Many people have told us how nice and “us” it was, which was down to Christine’s hard work.

Christine is a genuinely lovely human being; she is easy to get on with and I feel like I’ve known her a lot longer than I actually have!!


Christine was absolutely amazing.

She helped make our wedding unique to others and perfect in so many ways.

Even with the threat of rain during our outdoor ceremony she helped keep us calm!

I can’t thank Christine enough for all that she did on the day, even posing with our cardboard bridesmaid!

Thanks again Christine!! Will be recommending your services to any newly engaged couples I stumble across! x


This lady is awesome!

Christine took so much time getting to know me and my now husband(!) and created a beautiful bespoke ceremony which reflected us as a couple perfectly.
You can tell that she loves doing what she does and completely got into the spirit of our day, particularly singing our disco hymn!

Thank you Thank you Thank you xxx


Christine, we received and read your draft of our wedding script last night and cried our eyes out!  Thank you so much.  It’s beautiful. x


Christine, I can’t tell you how fab you were yesterday!! 

Thank you so, so, so much!

Everyone said how much they loved the ceremony & we both really got into it.

You totally rocked it.

xxxx Lots of love & kisses xxxx


Biggest ever thank you to Christine Berrisford, Humanist Ceremonies Leeds, for carrying out our wedding ceremony.

From start to finish she has been amazing!

Despite the heavens opening on Saturday 16th June and the thunder and lightening Christine ploughed through, making us and all our guests feel at ease.

Very enjoyable and an absolute pleasure to have had you with us on our special day.

Very very VERY! Highly recommended!!! 

Lots of love Mr & Mrs Smith  xXx


Oh Christine, our ceremony was just wonderful and we’ve had so many compliments!!

We even filmed it for my Auntie who couldn’t be there and she was brought to tears.

We’re completely touched with our keepsake copy and the little UP picture you added to it.
Thank you so much for making our day so special x


I knew from the moment Christine complimented me on my Dr Martens that she was the one for us.

My partner wasn’t particularly sold on the idea of a humanist ceremony, as we were both a little unsure of what exactly it was.

Being open minded though we arranged a meeting so he could get some more information. After an hour (ish) with Christine he was completely for the idea and we chose her there and then, didn’t even need to consider anyone else.

We both loved her enthusiasm about our ceremony and the fact it was going to be personal to us was exactly what we wanted.

We were able to incorporate so much Disney into our wedding with the help of Christine without it coming across cheesy.

Our first draft script came through to us so quickly after our second meeting and we fell in love with it straight away. It was perfect.
We felt as though christine had really gone above and beyond to try and research a little  Disney to help get it in there.

After our big day so many people complimented the ceremony and said how beautiful, personal and spot on it was. We even had a few tears.

Our keepsake copy even had Disney on it and it was little touches like that that just confirmed we had made the right decision

I will always be so grateful to Christine and will recommend her wherever I can.
Thank you xx


What can we say – Christine was absolutely amazing!!!!

From the first moment we met her for a chat and a cup of tea, to the day of the ceremony, everything has been fantastic!

Christine is one of the loveliest people we have ever met and for her to do our ceremony was an honour. 

We knew from the beginning that a humanist ceremony is what we wanted, but what we had at the end exceeded our expectations.

It was so personal, funny, romantic and relaxed! All of our guests absolutely loved it and thought she did an amazing job!

Christine, it was an absolute pleasure to have you on the day and we can’t thank you enough for making it so special for us.

We will remember this ceremony forever.

You put us at ease and made sure that everything ran smoothly. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. THANK YOU!!

We will recommend you to everyone that is planning a humanist ceremony and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.

Lots of love, Andrew and Julia


Christine was absolutely perfect for our ceremony – a surprise wedding at our joint 30th birthday party!

From the moment we met Christine we knew she was the right person – friendly and approachable with a true belief in humanism and it’s values, that we shared also.

It was Christine’s idea to keep our wedding ceremony a secret as we’d had an initial idea to surprise half of the guests at our joint 30th birthday. But Christine suggested that we surprise everyone – parents included – and it was definitely the right decision for us.

Our ceremony was amazing. Being able to share our story with our guests, personalise our promises and introduce humour into our vows was perfect, and it was all down to Christine.

We’d have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Christine to anyone thinking about getting married and wanting a humanist ceremony – it was an absolute pleasure working with her, and one we will cherish for the rest of our lives.


Where do I begin? The start you say. Ok, well this weekend we headed to Leeds to celebrate the joint 30th birthday party for two of our closest friends.

What prevailed was a surprise wedding, shocking all of the guests (including all family members).

This involved a beautiful, bespoke Humanist ceremony with personalised (witty) vows and a reading which I was asked to deliver during the ceremony having never seen the beautiful narrative before.

Congratulations, a perfectly conceived wedding.


Christine was an absolutely incredible celebrant; she created a fun and relaxed atmosphere for our wedding.

Christine worked hard to create a script that reflected our story and from our initial meetings it was clear the passion she has in being a celebrant. Christine’s ability to put people at ease made us feel super confident that she would do a great job.

Christine was extremely organised in the build up to our wedding which alleviated a lot of stress as we knew she had everything under control, so we could focus on other things!

On the wedding day she put us at ease and conducted the ceremony with professionalism and caught the emotion of the day perfectly.

Our guests also really enjoyed the service and many said it was one of the most enjoyable they had been to.

We cannot praise Christine highly enough for the wonderful job she did and how she helped make our day even better, we would wholeheartedly recommend her for your ceremony.


What a joy meeting and working with Christine!

We knew as soon as we met her for the initial meeting that she was the one for us!

She is fun, lively, energetic and really wanted to get to know us as individuals, but also as a couple.

Christine was great at communicating with us, keeping us in the loop, letting us know what stages she was at, draft copies, and sending us lovely text messages wishing us luck on our ‘legal’ marriage day.

On our big day Christine was awesome, so many of our friends and family commented that she was great, enthusiastic, funny, and the whole ceremony felt very genuine. We loved it and so did our guests.

I would, without a doubt, totally recommend Christine to anyone looking for a humanist celebrant.

A MASSIVE thank you Christine! x


We could not have asked for a better celebrant to shepherd us through our wedding ceremony than Christine.

From the first meeting with her, we knew we were in safe hands!

She walked us through the process, including a comprehensive meeting with her, where she welcomed us into her warm home, and in the end she not only created a personalised and unique ceremony for us, but also confidently and assuredly guided us through the day, so everything ran smoothly and everyone knew what to do and when to do it!

We received so many comments from family and friends about how special our ceremony was and how much it seemed like ‘us’.  I think that is the best way to sum up what Christine brings.

We are so glad she was part of the day and could not recommend her enough!


I cannot put into words how much I’d recommend Christine for anyone looking at Humanist ceremonies.

She was brilliant and organised from the very start (unlike myself – the groom) and was extremely clear with the level of service she provided (which she over-delivered on).

Aside from her flawlessly delivered ceremony, we also knew Christine was there for any issues that may have arisen on the day, and I had a few personal requests which Christine helped make happen.

I’d also like to add she really helped me on the day – prior to the start of the ceremony I was running around like a mad man and she really helped me get everything in order in my head.

I can truly say our special day wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Thank you so much!


If you are thinking of having a humanist ceremony we cannot recommend Christine enough!

She was fantastic from the very start of planning our ceremony all the way through to the delivery of the ceremony on the big day.

Christine adds a personal touch and wrote us a beautiful ceremony to cater to exactly what we wanted.

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day xxx


There are not enough superlatives to describe how wonderful Christine is.

She’s amazing at her job and is a wonderful woman to know.

We feel very lucky to have met her – she made our wedding day so special.

Thanks Christine xxx


Christine was AMAZING, she made the ceremony run so smoothly and everyone loved her!

So many people came up to us to say they had never heard of a Humanist ceremony before, but it was the best ceremony they had been to; it was very personal and made the day about us and our background.

All of our family and friends also said that they loved Christine and the way she seemed so involved and connected with us during the ceremony.

In the build up to the ceremony, Christine will meet with you and learn about you as a couple and by the time the day comes she is your friend and you are as glad for her to be there as anyone else.

She really made it perfect; it truly was the best day!


Christine was a great celebrant to work with.

She was very friendly and made us feel at ease from our first meeting.

She made the whole process of planning the wedding ceremony really easy, and was able to help us with the finer details of the ceremony.

Everyone commented on how amazing and personal the ceremony was.

Thank you for your help.  Dave and Misty x


Christine was warm, welcoming and made us feel at ease throughout the whole process and the ceremony.


Massive thanks, Christine, for being a fantastic Celebrant.

You helped make the ceremony planning so easy and with planning all the finer details of the ceremony.

Everyone has commented on how personal and unique the ceremony was.

Thank you so much for helping us have such a wonderful day!”  D & M xxx


For anyone thinking about booking a humanist ceremony, this is the lady to do it!

Christine,  just to say a huge thankyou for conducting our wedding in July.

After our meetings, getting to know you, and getting to personalise our ceremony, then skillfully pulled together by you, the service was by far the bit I was most looking forward to.

It lived up to my expectations and so much more, and it will be one of my enduring memories of the day.

Everyone commented that the day was so “us”, and were blown away by how touching, personal, and unique it was.

We didn’t know much about Humanism before, but so glad we came across it as an option for our wedding, but especially glad we had you

Lots of Love, Jo & Dan White xx


We knew Christine was the right celebrant for our wedding from the first meeting.

She made us feel very at ease and we all got on really well. She captured what we wanted from our ceremony so well – we barely had to make any changes to the wonderful script she created.
Thanks to her careful planning and detailed script, we knew we were in safe hands.

On the day she made sure everything ran very smoothly.
She conducted the ceremony exactly how we hoped and captured the relaxed, happy atmosphere that we wanted.
Overall we were delighted with our ceremony and would highly recommend Christine.

So many of our guest commented on how unique and personal the ceremony was. Thanks Christine!


Christine was a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Throughout the whole process, we were made to feel extremely comfortable and relaxed in Christine’s presence and her enthusiasm for Humanism was admirable.

We feel so very fortunate to have had Christine to write our wedding script and carry out the ceremony…she captured our relationship just perfectly and her attention to detail was spot on.

Following our wedding we had so many kind comments from our guests and they were amazed at how personal the ceremony was…we couldn’t have wished for anything more.

Thank you so much Christine!   Jemma and Kenny x



The ceremony surpassed all expectations!

It was an emotional and magical experience for us both.

Christine is a very warm and special person who immediately makes you feel at ease.

She made our ceremony so personal and so important.

Our friends and family were so impressed and moved, which is testament to her talent and professionalism.

Ellie & Joe xxx


Christine was fantastic, and made every part of the process enjoyable.

The ceremony she wrote for us was beautiful, funny, and moving – and her delivery of it was excellent.

She was friendly and supportive throughout the process, reassured us, and gave advice.

We can’t overstate how happy we were with the service Christine provided!

Nat & Owen x



Rory and I would like to say a massive thank you for your part in Freyja and Vicki’s wedding. 

As you know they organized it themselves and I think they did it wonderfully well, not least because they found you, who seemed to capture the mood and atmosphere that they wanted. 

It was a very joyous occasion, a very different type of wedding with lots of lovely people, we could literally feel the love in the air.

Thank you.    Posy and Rory


There are not enough adjectives to describe our wonderful friend Christine.

We call her friend because that is what she has become to us during the period we were organising our wedding and the wonderful service itself.

From the moment we met her, we knew she was the person we wanted to conduct our ceremony.

She was warm, caring and clearly takes her job very seriously, with a good measure of humour which we loved.

She is an excellent ambassador for Humanism, which was already important to us, but now even more so.

She somehow managed to grasp the essence of our relationship and convey it so well, requiring hardly any script editing from ourselves, such was her level of empathy and understanding.

Christine has been part of the most important day of our lives; being caring and supportive, professional and efficient.

We are now desperately thinking of other events we could involve her in!   

Thank you Christine, with very much love from us both, Freyja and Vicki xxx


After only two hours of meeting, Christine totally got us and all the seriousness and silliness that we were about and wanted to incorporate in the ceremony. Her script was brilliant and showed she had listened and understood. Her performance was warm hearted, brilliantly timed. EXCELLENT.


Working with Christine was a delight. We enjoyed the whole process – from meeting her and putting together the ceremony, to the wedding itself.

On a practical level, she did a great job in helping us to crystalise our ideas about what we wanted to say in the ceremony and how we wanted to structure things, as well as helping us to make sure we’d thought through all of the other logistics (like who needed to be where and when) so that everything ran smoothly on the day.

She was able to suggest lots of different ideas and ways of thinking about things, whilst also taking on board what we wanted, which resulted in a ceremony that was very special and personal to us. She was easy to talk to, positive and constructive in her ideas and advice.

In terms of the day itself, she was calm and professional and helped to put everybody at ease.

Since the wedding we’ve had nothing but positive comments from our guests – many of whom had never been to a humanist wedding before, and weren’t quite sure what to expect!

Lots of our guests have specifically commented on how warm and friendly Christine was, what a great job she did, and what a lovely and personal ceremony it was.

She was a really important part of our wedding, and we can’t recommend her highly enough.  Teg and Dave xx


We just wanted to say again how pleased we were with the ceremonies you wrote for us… we really didn’t think we would be able to pull off the task of a Naming followed by a surprise wedding, but thanks to you, we did and it was just what we’d hoped for.  Thank you so much for making our joint celebration possible; it really was brilliant. S & C


Thank you so much for helping us craft the ceremony we wanted and supporting us both on the day.

We were really pleased with our whole day and had a wonderful time!

We started out with a vague idea that a humanist ceremony would suit us, but were quite clueless about the process, which was off-putting.

On meeting you we were both reassured that we would have the help and assistance we needed to go down the humanist ceremony route.  Our main meeting to discuss the ceremony meant coming up with lots of answers about what we wanted, but you were able to give us the right hints and tips in order to help us come to these decisions, without making them for us.

Having the opportunity to comment on the script meant we could input as much or as little detail into the result, which we were very happy with. It was just that we wanted in that it was sincere, sweet but not flowery, and to the point.   You were also a reassuring presence on the wedding day; being greeted with a friendly face I already knew was the perfect antidote to any pre-ceremony nerves. R also really benefitted from and appreciated your support beforehand, while waiting for everyone to arrive!

The ceremony was lovely and just what we wanted. I don’t think anyone there had been to a humanist ceremony before and we had lots of comments about how much they enjoyed it.  After the hustle and bustle of the wedding and honeymoon, it was also lovely to look back through the ceremony script we received, which was beautifully presented and helped make the ceremony that bit more personal to us.  I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking for a warm and friendly celebrant with lots of ideas to help guide your clients and excellent script-writing skills. Not in a hurry to have children at the moment, but if we do in Leeds we know where to find someone for a naming ceremony!  Best wishes, C & R


Just a note to say thank you so much for being our Celebrant and conducting such a wonderful ceremony for us in Morecambe. So many people commented on how touching and personal, warm and funny it was – we couldn’t agree more!

Your visit to Mum and Dad’s suite to see me before the ceremony was SO appreciated and I know contributed to how calm I felt during the ceremony itself.

The little check ins with T and me throughout the ceremony were so helpful, I can’t tell you! We had an ally up there, who knew and had planned everything with us and it made us so calm and ready for everything.

Thanks again Christine, we can’t tell you how much you made our and our guests’ day.  Much love,  T & H x


What a grand job you did on Saturday.  Your script and performance of it were perfectly pitched and created exactly the ceremony we had hoped for.  It is no exaggeration to say that every guest talked to us about it – most saying it was by far the best ceremony they had attended; others referring to your warmth and ability to ride the waves of laughter, emotion and still keep it serious.  Even allowing for wedding day hyperbole, you did an extraordinary job!  Many, many thanks…It’s only a shame we can’t do it all over again soon!  S & K x 


Wow, well where to start, from the moment we met Christine we felt truly at ease, she effervesced with a wonderful and warm character. We would be happy to call Christine a friend.

Christine understood our unique situation and created a service equally as unique.  With friends attending from every faith, everyone felt at ease due to the well crafted and personal service she had written.

Everyone we spoke to said it was the most beautiful and meaningful service they had ever attended, which truly represented our individual characteristics while celebrating the love, learning and unity of our relationship.

Christine mixed well with guests and contacted all parties involved in the big day to ensure the service ran like clockwork. And on the morning she kept our bubbling nerves under control visiting us before the service to set our minds at rest in her usual warm manner.

We know Christine has a truly unique gift and she created the most wonderful day in our lives, which will never be forgotten. All our love, L and T


I didn’t know what to expect because I’d never been to a Humanist Ceremony before, but it was the loveliest wedding I’ve ever been to, because it was so totally personal.


The greatest compliment we can pay to Christine is that everyone in the room was captivated by her script – not easy in a room of over a hundred! Everyone commented on how personal the wedding was and how involved they felt with the ceremony. On top of this, quite a few people also now want a Humanist wedding too after attending ours! We loved her company for the day and her personal touch meant a lot to us, especially the time & effort she put into writing the ceremony. We would have no hesitation in recommending her or using her again in the future. J&M



We got so many amazing comments about the ceremony… Anne (my 85 year old grandmother) has said next time she gets married she will have a Humanist ceremony! JS


The presentation script is a beautiful keepsake of a wonderful evening. MS


Great script, you really captured what these two are all about.


It was a perfect evening; I couldn’t have hoped for anything better. DB
It was wonderful; I surprised myself with how emotional I felt. JB


We were a bit nervous about the ceremony itself and the in-depth questioning that’s needed to write a really personal ceremony! But Christine’s warmth put us at ease immediately, her enthusiasm for her role was really infectious and the script she came up with was perfect.


The most significant personal touch was the ceremony itself! We had a humanist ceremony in which every single word was personal, written for us by our lovely celebrant Christine Berrisford, after extensive discussions over cups of tea. We got a ceremony that told our story and truly represented our own thoughts about marriage. F&O


You’re the best celebrant we’ve worked with for this series. BBC Director -Marrying Mum and Dad


The script is amazing, we are crying already… how on earth are we going to cope on the actual day! M&M


I already knew Christine through work.  Her laughter would come through the walls just when it was needed.  When it came to deciding on a  wedding celebrant, I knew there was only one woman for the job!

Christine is a warm, funny and caring person, not to mention confident, organised and articulate.  Her vibrant outlook and her sense of humour are just small parts of what she brought to our amazing wedding day.

We met with her 8 months before the wedding to go through what would become our script, and she gave us some insight on important fundamentals to do with the wedding that we hadn’t even thought of yet!

Her professionalism and warmth in bringing our story together in the way that she did was a delight, not just for us but for everyone in the room that had come to watch two people in love, marry.

From the rehearsal to the actual ceremony, Christine’s innate skill of keeping two nervous people at ease was so very welcomed.  Her poise and confidence during the ceremony kept both of us calm and her sincerity whilst telling our story to our family and friends was just perfect.

Below are some quotes from family and friends that summed up the day perfectly.   All that’s left for us to say again is a very, very heartfelt thank you.

I thought she was very, very professional but at the same time made the service personal to you both.   She was very welcoming and put everyone at ease. Anna R

Christine had prepared thoroughly (including timings and backup copies of the vows) and she helped us all with a much needed rehearsal.  The result was a professional, beautiful, punctual, personal and truly memorable wedding ceremony for my friends.  A real success! Sophie M

Christine created a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  She had obviously gone out of her way to put together the script in such a sincere way that made it so personal and loving.  It was presented so genuinely that it touched the right emotional buttons for both Mags and Mish and all the guests.  It was the most loving day. Kat H

I loved the fact it was so obviously personal, and it was a true celebration of the union between two people that so obviously love each other.  The fact that it was a same sex marriage was irrelevant but at the same time really important if that makes sense? Anyway, I thought it worked perfectly alongside the legal ceremony, and the fact that I cried all day was because I couldn’t help thinking that not so many years ago it wouldn’t have even been accepted, never mind celebrated, which is obviously ridiculous! Sharon R.

It was about the people and that’s what matters.  About the family and friends and the two people who love each other. Jamie M

Your wedding ceremony was THE most heartfelt ceremony I have ever been to…it was just perfect. Caz

Your review of Christine and the way she conducted your Wedding Ceremony, is 100% accurate.  She is a lovely person, who obviously cares about what she does, and does it so professionally, yet caringly.  She added enormously to a fantastic day that will be remembered by all who attended, especially us, Mish’s Mum & Dad


Christine thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony you did for us.  It really was the most perfect day; everyone was touched by it and we’re really happy you shared it with us.

We’re especially grateful for your help and guidance while planning the day… we’d have been useless without you.

We would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a celebrant.


It’s quite natural to be daunted by the prospect of planning your own ceremony, but Christine immediately and effortlessly put us at ease with the process.
By having Christine as our celebrant we were able to fully personalise our day, with the anchor of her knowledge and experience.

On the day, Christine was careful to ensure that everybody knew what to do and she herself was organised and composed while providing the light and friendly atmosphere that we wanted from the wedding.

It is obvious that Christine has a passion for what she does. We found her consistently professional, amiable and patient and she was a huge part in making our wedding so memorable.