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Thanks to @PixiesInTheCellar for allowing use of these photos

Steam punk realness!

Happy brides, happy celebrant

The most musical wedding ever!

Making garden stepping stones from Guideparent handprints


Super hero Dad & Guideparents

Remembering Grandads

The star of the day just wanted to get on with watering the garden!

What’s up here Mum?!

Grandad’s speech was good wasn’t it Dad?

Dad and Guideparents wore super hero capes made by Great Granma! 🙂

Personal vows and the exchange of a ring

A wedding that included a little Spanish!

Deep breaths and a group hug before we start

Another happy day

Parental promises

A family celebrates

Can I go and play now Mum?!

Three lovely girls’ lives celebrated together

Another gorgeous venue

A chuckle with the Mums

Updating their FB status to ‘Married’!


The celebrant feels warm and fuzzy inside.

The story of dimples, party games, Ikea and a cheeky FB message!

Why have Mummy and Daddy given me to this funny lady!?

The vows

Giggling grooms

Breaking the ice

Telling tales: the story so far

Waiting for his groom

Signing the certificate

A hug to calm those nerves