Covid 19


While the pandemic itself is now behind us, Covid still exists. I sincerely hope you and yours continue to be well and have adjusted to the ‘new normal’ of living with Covid.

With all my ceremony work, I am happy to make necessary accommodations to keep myself and others safe by having distanced or virtual introductory and planning meetings where these are preferable or required.

With Covid (or any other such crisis) ceremonies will be conducted in line with the national regulations.

I am fully vaccinated and ‘boosted’ and I’m happy to lateral flow test before I attend meetings and ceremonies.

If ever I’m unwell (Covid 19, or any other illness), I will reach out to my very supportive network of colleagues to take my place leading your ceremony.¬† If I’m unable to find a stand in and a contract cannot be fulfilled, I will offer a refund.

If clients decide, or are forced to cancel and their ceremony, planning and writing have not yet been done, I will hold the booking fee and work with them to try to find an alternate date.

If clients decide, or are forced to cancel, we’ve had the planning meeting and I’ve written the ceremony, I will ask for the remaining fee to be transferred and hold that and the script against an alternate future date.

Finally, where there are guests who are unable to attend a ceremony¬† I’m very happy for them to be Skyped or Facetimed in, or for someone to film the ceremony to show them later.

I hope that covers everything potentially unpleasant!

Warmest regards

Christine x