Covid 19


I sincerely hope you and yours continue to be safe and well and are managing to weather the Covid 19 situation in good spirits.

I am proceeding with ceremony work, in line with the ever changing government advice – distanced or virtual introductory meetings, distanced or virtual planning meetings and ceremonies themselves conducted in line with the most current regulations and guidance.

I am currently well, as is my partner. I will of course update clients and this info page immediately should that situation change.

I’m glad to say that the client agreement I use seems to cover us quite well, despite the fact that we’re in a highly unusual situation:

“A deposit of £??? is to be paid upon acceptance of this contract. This is non- refundable.

The Celebrant undertakes to make best endeavours to conduct the ceremony on the date and at the time stated above. If delayed/prevented by circumstances beyond their control (including, but not limited to, severe illness, a car accident, etc.) this will not constitute a breach of contract. In such an event the Celebrant shall give notice to the Client as soon as is practicable and they will make every effort to provide an alternative Celebrant to conduct the ceremony from the same script.

Should an alternative Celebrant not be found, failure to appear shall give the Client the right to annul the contract with all monies so far paid by them to the Celebrant being refundable to them.

In the event of the ceremony being cancelled by the client, after the ceremony script has been written by the Celebrant, the full fee will be payable.  It may be used against an alternative, later date.”

It is my intention (and financial necessity as a sole trader!) to carry on meeting all of my work obligations, as far as is possible.

However, if I have to isolate due to Covid 19, I will, as stated above, reach out to my very supportive network of colleagues.  If I’m unable to find a stand in and a contract cannot be fulfilled, I will offer a refund.

If clients decide, or are forced to cancel and their ceremony and planning/writing have not yet been done, I will hold the deposit and work with them to try to find an alternate date.

If clients decide, or are forced to cancel, we’ve had the planning meeting and I’ve written the ceremony, I will ask for the remaining fee to be transferred and hold that and the script against an alternate future date.

For those hoping that a ceremony date is far enough in the future that things will have returned to normality and want to continue with the planning, writing of your ceremonies,  I am obviously happy to swap face to face meetings for Google Meet ones, (or skype, whatsapp, phone calls).

If clients return the planning questionnaire completed with as much detail as possible, that will also be incredibly helpful in moving things forward efficiently.

Finally, if we’re able to go ahead with ceremonies, but there are guests who choose not to, or are unable to attend, I’m very happy for them to be Skyped or Facetimed in, or for someone to film the ceremony to show them later.

I hope that covers everything! Whether you’re a current, or a prospective client, please get in touch if you’d like to chat things through.

For current clients, I’ll assume all appointments are going ahead as planned, unless I hear otherwise. I’ll inform people immediately if anything changes at my end.

I’m hopeful we’ll be able to find a way through together.

Warmest regards

Christine x