Pre-planning your funeral

Pre-planning your funeral can bring reassurance and peace of mind not only to you, knowing that your affairs are in order, but to your loved ones too – they will not have to guess, when the time comes, what your funeral wishes might be.

If this is something you’d like to do, or think about, then we can have a general chat about Humanist funerals, or we could have a more specific conversation about the kind of ceremony you would like, for example where it should occur or what music should be included. Either way, I will write to you outlining what we’ve discussed. There is usually no fee for this.

You may want me to prepare more of the ceremony, perhaps even an entire script. If so, we can arrange to spend more time together, enabling you to tell me more about yourself, and the story of your life. I will send you a copy of the agreed script… and keep a copy myself, safe for future reference. There is usually a charge for this, but should I conduct the ceremony, I would make a deduction from my final fee, at the time.

How smoothly you handed on the baton.
As if you’d known the time and place
and kept it secret from us; then
when the moment came, yielded it up
saying “Take it, quick, I cannot hold it”
and let it swiftly slip your grasp.
We were left looking down at your empty hands,

the worn, surrendered fingers,
and a weight that had suddenly shifted.
Anna Wigley

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